last minute Sobangcha dance practice in Taek’s room.

First day of class trip…

Talent show : Dong ryong got the boys to help do Sobangcha for DS.

Deok sun praises Sun woo for his dancing. Ends up stuck in an alley with Jung hwan.

For concentration training, Deok sun hangs out with Taek for Baduk lessons…

Ra Miran’s birthday
Taek has a big loss to a newcomer in the Professional Baduk Players Championships
Sun woo gets a candy from secret admirer ( Deok sun – she just HAD to pick the green candy ♥ )

Miran gets Bora to give tuition to the group. The gang cheers Taek up and teach him to curse to vent.

Deok sun ( the cat that catches mice ) can’t help with the dog’s cramp. *lol*
Jung hwan helps to keep Deok sun steady in the bus to school.

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