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Park Bogum: It’s such a shame that I couldn’t be there together with you guys today.
So I’m greeting you guys even if it’s through a video.
Thank you so much for treasuring Taek.
It was an honor for me to participate in a production that was so warm, and touched the hearts of many people.
I hope that it will become a memorable production that will be remembered for a long time.

Pretty Deoksun ah, don’t stay out till late and go home early. If you go home late, let me know.

And Jeonghwan, are you all better now? Make sure to take some vitamins.

And Seonwoo-yah, I was really touched that you looked after me so well. Thank you and I love you.

And Bora noona, Mom said don’t eat dinner with Seonwoo but to come home early. She said she’s cooked a fried egg and cold noodles for you.

Dongryong-ah, I’ll go to your restaurant with the people from the Baduk Association. Make sure to give us some service (food on the house).

Noeul, you’re pretty good at singing.

Lastly, to my forever friends, the Ssangmun-dong friends, I love you and God bless you.

Choi Sung Won asks Hyeri after Park Bo Gum’s VCR:

Translated by Fangurling:

CSW: “Park Bo Gum sent us a VCR, is there anything you want to say?”
Hyeri: He said ” Pretty Deoksun…”
CSW: “He said other things but that is all you heard? He said many other things after that, but all you heard was ‘pretty Deoksun?'”
Hyeri: “Yes…No..what I mean to say is…”

Ryu Jun Yeol asks Hyeri about Bogum:

Translated by Fangurling:

RJY: ” But Bogum doesn’t call you Deoksunnie”
Hyeri: “Deoksun~ah…”(imitates Taek)
RJY: ” Doesn’t he call you sun-ah”
Hyeri: “Deoksun~ah…this is how he calls me… he said to come home early…”
CSW: “Yes”
Hyeri: (lowered voice) “I’ll come home early…”


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Dong Ryong is looking for Deok Sun:

Ryu Jun Yeol commenting

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