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Korean fans are unbelievably attuned they are to tiny details, and how much the production team really made an effort to put those details in the show. You can really see it in this glossary because it is pretty intense. I cannot adequately convey via translation how detail-oriented it is.
( Please note this is an incomplete list. )

Got-bang-cha = “legendary scene” in which the 3 boys do the “Sobangcha” dance

Got-jang-ma-cha = SunBora’s date course, they usually ate (udong) noodles at a po-jang-ma-cha. Term used when they’re being cute and sweet as a couple.

“Kan-ta-pia” = something JinJu says to Taek’s dad in Ep.2 (to indicate that he is Go Kil-Dong from the Dooly cartoon)

Dog = Jung-Hwan’s nickname, given because he has a “dirty” temper

Ggae-dduk = JH-DS couple (which literally means dog-rice-cake) is also another word for “rubbish” or “B.S.”

Police Station (recurring motif) = Ep.5 – Bora is arrested and taken there / Ep.8 – DS and Soo-Kyung (Nora’s gf) / Ep. 14 – DR and Michael after falling off their motorcycle

Fried Egg (recurring motif) = all three Sung siblings like it / Ep.9 – SW orders it for Bora in Paju / Ep.9 – DS asks Jang-Pyo (hotel employee) to remake it for Taek in China because it was burned

Go Kil-Dong = nickname for Taek’s dad, a character from Dooly who was also seen sweeping the alley frequently

“Fibbing” Tee = A dickey, which is frequently worn by DR

“Kkook-kkook-Yi” = nickname for JH, because he always keeps his mouth shut (Kkook)

Jung Brothers = Jung-Bong and Jung-Hwan

No-Bong = No-Eul and Jung-Bong couple, after the “manitto” game

Da-Jung-Hwan = what JH is called when he is being sweet (Da-Jung = sweet and affectionate)

Dungeon = R88 set’s nickname

Wild Dogs = the singing group with Miran, Sun-Young and Il-Hwa – they got too drunk to perform, and the audition is left as a “black” memory for them

Lam-Bora-Ghini = when Bora is running fast

Lego Hair = SunWoo’s hair style. SunBora fans don’t like it.

Man-Bong = Man-Ok (Mi-Ok) and Jung-Bong couple

Moo-Re-Ki = nickname for Taek’s Dad (name: Moo-Sung), because he turned out to be Sun-Young’s hometown Oppa (like Sseu-Re-Ki in R94)

Moo-Sun = Moo-Sung and Sun-Young couple

Bak-Ryuk-Hwan = (Bak-Ryuk = powerful strength) nickname for JH whenever he shows great physical strength

Clothespin = in a two-shot scene of JH and SW, JH’s head was framed with a yellow clothespin behind his head (yellow = DS) and SW was framed with a purple one behind his head (purple = Bora)

Bernard Sun-Woo Sun-Woo = what SunWoo was sometimes called because they didn’t tell us his last name – allusion to Bernard Werber, a French novelist, because “Werber” is pronounced like “Beru Beru” in Korean

Bong-Gyver = When Jung-Bong displays his various practical skills; he is good at everything except studying

Pink Gloves = note: mittens in Korean are literally “mute gloves” and regular gloves are called “finger gloves”

Sa-Zza = DR’s father’s nickname when he plays go-stop, derived from Tazza and “Sa-Gi-Kun,” which means con-man, because he cheats so much

Psy-Pae-Jung-Hwan = In Ep.5, JH deliberately burns JB’s hand and messes up the charcoal and throws clothes around to comfort his mom / in Ep.6, he grins maniacally when he witnesses DS getting dumped by SW – so they said he looks like a psychopath, so he is called psy-pae (Also known as “Jung-Pal-path”)

Ssang-Mun-Dong’s Tae-Ti-Suh = nickname for the 3 ahjummas, because “Tae-Ti-Suh” is a nickname for 3 members of Girls’ Generation

Ssang-Mun-Dong’s Choi Soo Jung (popular actor) = JH’s nickname because he is a great lover, and how his fans imagine him as an adult

Sun-Toh-Ker = SunWoo + Stalker

Sung Bora = Duk-Sun’s unni, ace student, ranked 80th in the entire country, and 10th in math, was math education major at SNU, cusses a lot

Sunny = how DS signed her name in her postcard to Lee Moon-Sae’s radio show

Sora Ppang (Bread) = the conch-shaped pastry that JB makes with his fingers (many viewers tried to replicate it and uploaded photos, but no one made one as good as JB)

Im Soo-Min = name seen on fan-letter to Taek. Sometimes Taek fans are called “Soo-Min’s”

Shin Won-Ho = PD of the series. Because he puts a lot of foreshadowing in the shows, he is sometimes referred to as a “byun-tae” by the fans, but is generally praised for his dramatic interpretations and direction abilities

“Meow” scene = Jung-Pal gets a “gee” (synonym for “mouse” and “cramp”) in his foot, and DS meows at his feet / you can tell that the JH actor begins laughing for real, and DS actor ad-libs a “growl” sound

Taek-My-Bell scene = DS does her “ring my bell” dance for Taek in Ep.8

Yok-dere = someone who cusses (yok) a lot and has a tsundere personality. Bora’s personality.

Wang-Jang Sisters = DS’s two best girlfriends, Wang Ja-Hyun & Jang Mi-Ok

Yo-Jung-Bong = “yo-jung” means “fairy,” so JB is the fairy of R88, a nickname

Uganda = DS carried the picket sign for Uganda at the Olympic Ceremony. Uganda was interpreted as “Woo” + “gan-da” (will go) –> i.e., clue that DS “will go” to SunWoo and marry him

Umbrella (recurring motif, as objects of love)

– Ep.3 – JH pretended to wait for SW but was waiting for DS / DS was waiting for SW / they both had umbrellas

– Ep.4 – Il-Hwa (DS’s mom) tried to use another person’s umbrella but it had holes in it, so her husband put an umbrella over her – metaphor for being happy with the husband she has, albeit imperfect

– Ep.5 – JH waited for DS until 2am, gave him his umbrella and said “come home earlier” (cited repeatedly as a classic scene)

– Ep.7 – SW gave umbrella to Bora while he got wet

– Ep.8 – After Bora gets dumped by her boyfriend, it begins to rain and SW comes to bring her an umbrella

– Ep.10 – SunBora share an umbrella, this is when Bora begins to see SW differently / Man-Bong’s “Temptation of Wolf” parody scene

Space Travel Card from Blue Marble game. There are 2. One was given to Man-Ok, and JB has the other one.

Woori-Ho (Our Ho) – nickname for PD Shin

“When-Yeol” = popular slang of that time, means, “What in the world?”

Pal-Pun-Zel = (like Rapunzel) when JH stays holed up in the “dungeon”

Po-jang-ma-cha = where the Gang eats fish cakes (o-deng) and spicy rice cakes (dduk-boki) in Ep.8.
When DS left (to fetch Taek), JH didn’t follow her, so JH fans said that he should be beaten with the O-deng sticks.

Hwa-Ni = nickname for Jung-Hwan / because it means “bright colors,” fans called him Hwa-Ni while demanding him to wear the pink shirt

Hee-Dong = character from Dooly, Taek’s nickname (Go Kil-Dong’s nephew)



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