[ JAN 26, 2016 ]

Thanks to this man, this winter is heartwarming. Every Friday. Saturday, a drama which makes us recall our romantic childhood memory and makes us sit closer in front of TV, Reply 1988’s best rising star, actor Ryu Jun Yeol.

Through his role as “Junghwan” who appears as nonchalantly and prickly as his nature but always treats people around him thoughtfully and also well-mannered, Ryu Jun Yeol continuously shows off his reversal charm in every episode and catches the viewers’ hearts. Since the earlier episodes of the drama he was officially named ‘EoNamRyu’ (the husband is Ryu Jun Yeol anyways). There are unexpectedly large numbers of people couldn’t get out from “Ryu Jun Yeol fever”, and the drama has soon gave birth of the Best Star who is in the middle of getting his recognition. Though he doesn’t appear any different when he was still appearing in indie movies yet somehow if you are looking at his daily life through pictures, like enjoying playing soccer with his club members who have already played with him for more than 10 years, which always becomes a hot issue, it’s definitely true that Ryu Jun Yeol is the hottest “Icon of The Year”.

*어남류 (EoNamRyu) is short for ‘어차피 남편은 류준열’ which means ‘the husband is Ryu Jun Yeol anyways’

“These days although many people say ‘I like you’, I feel shy and somehow proud but I’m also bewildered. Because each of Junghwanie’s actions are completely a standard behavior that ‘steals women’s hearts’. But I actually did not know about that until just recently. To just be aware about that now is also strange, however I am trying to make my acting genuine and I put effort into it. Also, about any part of him that similar to me, I’m still diligently looking for it. I’m not sure, in real life I am just so ordinary, if I should mention my trait maybe “optimism”? Ah, after I becoming Junghwan, I talk less for sure. Seems like I’m getting a little bit shy of strangers too.”

Though he seems apologetic after replying that there are not much similarities between him and Junghwan, Junghwan’s attitude however, always looks at his opponent with warm gaze and secretly taking care of woman he likes, mom, hyung, and friends has naturally overlapped with his. A little bit of enchanting with tension, a bashful smile and the fluttering face that he shows  in the entire drama. Single eyelid, and with fiercely piercing gaze and thick lips too, even though with these complete features and fresh looking facial lines, his face cannot be easily categorized as a “pretty face”. Evenmore in one of the scenes, “Deoksun’s” friends distinctively describe him as a “scary-looking-kid”, and then soon after the drama’s casting has been released, the netizens argues among themselves and passed him just as an icon for an “excessively common-looking-face” . But if you watch Ryu Jun Yeol, he shots colorful expression with that face, and melting us with defined emotional-change in every single scene, and we can’t help but naturally get persuaded with his “handsomeness”.

It feels different every time you see him, a face that keeps you wanting to see it again, a central character in a TV drama who especially shines. More than anything, he breaks in with this show which settings also left symbolic remarks as he portrays common daily lives, in or any similar projects, he makes us wonder what adjectives would best to describe his “handsomeness” in a better and natural way. A conclusion that can be taken of his special ability is, he is an actor who portrays “handsomeness” with a common face.

“I’m extremely satisfied with my face. I think it has a unique characteristic and it feels good. But actually even if I said I do not like my external appearance, there is nothing I can fix either, so I don’t really give concern about that. I’m the type who always thinks that everything is going to turn out to be well, and is trying hard to grow. Seen from experiences something comes up to my mind, that a good-acting is not something that you can do by yourself. An actor you can work with, getting well with staffs, maximizing good energy to get satisfying results, I want to be a person like that.”

Born with passion but is also gentle, gratefully he is not someone who lets people around him to waver him but is someone who always cherish people a lot, he seems to have a personality that “is rarely hesitating and has a strong belief on himself”. One day, just like a fate when an “actor road” appeared close to him, and he stepped on it steadily, when someone worries of his age being in the 30’s he would answer “being an actor is something you can do until you’re old then why should I act so hastily” with a little smile. With the expectation and nervousness all at once, he shows a fresh freestyle acting without any burden during the auditions. His life manners can show us that he is confidently bringing his own pace. Through that is clearly a project that is engraved in his filmography, he learns how to act by looking at the public’s interest and surely after the drama ends, there will be many things that will change for him. But he said “well I’m not sure, it would be nice if it stays the same. Because I’m already very happy and I feel good up to this point. And I wish this just keeps going on.” This rookie actor is undoubtedly convincing. It seems like he can be a “warm actor” like he always wanted to be, the one who won’t be losing his own pace and who will keep on shining.

[ JAN 26, 2016 ]


While Ryu Jun-yeol’s appearance in the talk show, ‘Taxi’ is a big topic, his previous interview when he expressed he wanted to co-star with Hyeri again is also garnering attention.

The previous episode of KBS’ ‘Entertainment Weekly’, which was aired on January 23rd, featured an interview with Ryu Jun-yeol.

Ryu Jun-yeol at the time talked about his ideal type first. He said, “A woman who’s considerate and understanding” and “However, my dating styles change depending on each situation or circumstances. I can be cute and cuddly or you know, when only two of you get to spend time, then…”. As he could not complete his sentence, it made people laugh.

Ryu Jun-yeol also mentioned, “‘Hyeri’ is the first actress with whom I paired up” and “I hope I could pair up with with ‘Hyeri’ again. I’m sorry that first love with ‘Hyeri’ could not come to fruition in the drama”.

Meanwhile, during the January 26th show of tvN’s ‘Taxi’, Ryu Jun-yeol expressed his deep regrettable feeling about letting ‘Answer Me 1988’ go, which has finished its season recently.

[ FEB 2016 ]

The series that made the old times looks so beautiful, was has finished. Also when you watched the drama, the 1980s was glowing very beautifully and was so heart fluttering and it isn’t just because of the music, or the properties that put there really meticulously. There is Junghwan who decided to hide his own feelings, not even once he tried to selfishly confess his love, instead he supported Taek, who doesn’t know what to do when he’s alone. We don’t know when it started, when people even made new phrases of them, whether you are “EoNamRyu” or “HokNamTaek”, these innocent boys has watched over their first love.

On one day of last December, we met Ryu Jun Yeol while the drama already passed halfway. He is someone who washed his face in order to study, and still dozed off for two hours while standing, and then suddenly the idea of becoming an actor came to him, he has many different sides than cold Junghwan in him. He never forgets to thank the staff after each take, although he keeps the speed gradually during the interview, he always takes time before answering the questions, he keeps brightening up the mood on the studio. Sometimes, he puts out a shy expression after he gives his answer and also laughs so hard to his own answers, and we ended the interview with an unexpected high five. When <Marie Claire> Feb Issue released the question about  “Husband Hunt” might have finished, but it’s finally the time for Ryu Jun Yeol to make his appearance.

2015 must be a memorable year for you.

It is a feeling of my first step forward. I think I can happily start to walk on this road because I started the first step with love.

The starting is kind of late, isn’t it? There must be a time you feel worried about that, don’t you?

It’s a lie if I say I wasn’t worried at all, but I can say it was almost none. I was really enjoying acting even before <Reply 1988>. I’m originally positive and optimistic, so I was just going with the flow. I’m the type of person that choose to forget hard times and think about something else than bearing it. I think my optimism is something I take after my father.

Before <Reply 1988> what kind of dream you have for Actor Ryu Jun Yeol? Can you see it now in you?

I haven’t thought about it at all. I didn’t know that I would received recognition this fast and be given a very important role in the project. I haven’t even thought that I would receive so much love. Rather than that, I was just wishing to do acting and be an actor that you remember for a long time. Uhm, I never imagined myself to have a photoshoot like today.

Most actors, who are just starting their career, are really cautious.

Before I joined <Reply 1988> I traveled a lot and read a lot, one thing I got from it, is I should live without harming others. Rather than live as I wanted to be, I want to live without hurting others. If I live like that, when time passes and I look back to my life I can say to myself “I lived a good life”

Is there any similarity between you and ‘Junghwan’?

Yes. I think there are some parts of him inside me. I have Junghwan’s ‘Tsundere’ side too. I must be more complicated than everyone thought (laugh). Of course there are also different parts. I talk and joke a lot. I am not a serious person when it doesn’t require me to be serious.

What kind of son you are at home?

I want to be childish son. I act like a baby at home but my parents don’t play along with that well. Because my house isn’t at Seoul, I was thinking of moving out, but because of the safety-feeling and warmth given by my family, I can’t easily move out.

I coincidentally watched a video where you wake up at 5am every morning and wash rice.

I still live like that until before I joined <Reply 1988>. It’s been my long time habit, it just started one day that I want to live diligently. It’s just too waste to let the time passes. It is also because I think this is actually “how an actor should live”. When there is no filming, it’s time to play isn’t it, but I don’t want to just let the time pass like that, so I wake up early and try to live a well-ordered life. While I also watch movies and dramas a lot, read books a lot, go traveling, works out and go to academy.

Even after <Socialphobia> you are still an actor who was actively responding to fans’ cheering.
However, it would be so much harder now, because much more fans has gathered these days.

That is one of my concerns these days, among many things that I still can’t understand. For example, I found it very odd to give a quick “Hi” to fans and leave right away, while they came to the filming location and have waited for a long time. But also if I act hastily there, it could be even more dangerous. The more I think about this, it becomes more complicated. Very complicated. I could never understand an actor who refuses to take picture with fans on the street. But now I am starting to understand it, and I hate myself to understand that. Gosh, I think I’ll go crazy. Seriously. Before there were only 10-20 fans who looked for me, I can still greet each of them and talk with them, but I can’t do it now. This worried me as much as I worried about my project.

There must be difference before and after <Reply 1988>. Along with the expectation about you getting bigger, the burden must also grows a lot. So don’t you feel burdened?

It’s not exactly a burden. I don’t think I changed as a person, but the way people reacted to me has changed and I’m sort of worried about that. Before when I casually said “Ah, it’s cold”, I was just thinking that staff must feel so cold as well, but now someone would bring me a heater. I didn’t say it because I need a heater anyway. So I think that I need to act more responsibly. To not say or do anything just carelessly, but to do it better and be more careful.


In order to be an actor, how did you spend your 20s?

I read a quote saying, you should study and learn on your 20s-30s, while you will turn the things you’ve learned before to money on your 40s-50s, and for your 60s-70s, be kind to other people with the money you’ve collected. But of course we can’t live just exactly like that sentence right? However, in order to be an actor, my 20s was spent studying, I wish someday I can be a good actor that gives good influence to others with the acting I’m learning now.

Did you have any desperate/hopeless moment?

Of course I have. But I can’t recall any of it. Uhm, when I got here late today, it was a desperate moment for me.

You weren’t late.

I was late around 5 minutes. I was very nervous during this afternoon. Seriously. I was planning to get here 30 minutes earlier than the scheduled time but today the traffic was jam packed.

Is there any regret about the things you can’t do during your 20s?

It would be good if I can travel more. Being on travels gives me so much. It might be because being at the place you’re not familiar with, you can accept anything on each 1 minute and 1 second. Next time I want to go to India.

You must love challenge.

Even challenges in many useless things. Like finish showering in one minute. (laugh). Someday I want to challenge myself in India.

Don’t you write a journal?

I try to write journal everyday. I love to write something. Because I don’t have so many break times these days, I write it on my phone everytime I think of something and then move it to my journal. It starts off with something I reflected on today. It seems I put my regrets to the journal. Then after, I write how tomorrow should be better than today. My journals can filled up two shoe shelves, that’s how much I wrote.

We saw your picture on SNS with Director Koreeda Hirokazu not long ago.

I’m his fan. I went there after filming the drama, I can’t even clean up my make-up, I’m so embarrassed when I look at the picture I took with him, my face was really a mess. That day, Director even wrote his phone number and gave me his name card. I thought I saw it wrong. I’m a very successful fan. I even thought that it is good that I became an actor. It was really a happy moment.

Will you be an actor if you reborn?

I might regret it right away after I answered this. Because a thought can be changed everyday. There is time that I found many parts of my past interview different from the way I’m thinking now. It must be because there are some points that influence the way you’re thinking today. But one thing is for sure, it would be good if 2016 will be also full of happiness as 2015. It doesn’t mean that for everyone to pour out so much interest on me. But I want to be an actor that could give comfort to other people. In life which is full of good, bad, happiness and regrets, I wish Actor Ryu Jun Yeol can be a comfort to other people. I am not sure what project I would take next, even if it’s a villain role, I wish viewers can enjoy the time watching for my acting and be comforted by it.

But what do you think now?

As for today, if I were reborn, I want to be an actor. Ah, but did I do well in interview? I think I spoke a lot without paying attention to what the opponent’s thought. Ah I don’t know. I wish to do well though.

Why do you think like that. You’ve done really well on the (photoshoot) filming too.

No. I think the photographer is really a genius.

Now it’s the last question. What do you want to show in your next project?

Another charming side. Many people say that I am handsome lately, they don’t tell me that I am ugly. I don’t think I’m handsome. But I want to show you my other side. Another charming side than Kim Junghwan had in <Reply 1988>.

[ FEB 11, 2016 ]

After the interview, Actor Ryu Junyeol (30) asked “Am I really doing well?” with one sigh. “I am really nervous,” with the grin his face makes, he looks like a playful boy. It was said that he is ugly, but the more you look at him you will grow fond, as the ‘acting as handsome’ phrase that has stuck to him, we asked what does he think, “Can you just say, he looks handsome like sculpture in real life?” while being so chatty.

This kind and pleasant youngster has enjoyed his popularity during the winter, through his acting on tvN’s drama ‘Reply1988’, as the brusque but thoughtful Junghwan. Although he became the lead of a hurtful first love, where he lost Deoksun (Hyeri) to Taek (Park Bogum), women fans go enthusiastic to his manly finest charm. The tickets for 1500 seats for his fanmeeting was sold out in only 2 minutes, also the Internet Broadcast he did by himself for a duration of more than 2 hours, set a record of 660,000 people watching.

On February 11, we meet Ryu Jun Yeol at Seoul and he said, “when I went to R88’s audition, I received a test for character Dongryongie, Sunwoo and even Taek. Also, “I think the Director observed that there is a cautious and a quiet side in me, that’s why he put me in charge of Junghwan.” He gained 10kg for the role. “If it was me, I will try confess to my first love and do anything that I could. I feel bad to Junghwan who is hesitating because of his friendship with Taek.” He also said, “while I tried to understand how frustrated Junghwan might have felt, I did my acting as a support and a comfort for him.”

Though he might appear to be “Lightning Star” over night, soon as he graduated from Suwon University Theater and Film Department, he was consistently appearing on short films, building his acting career. Last year, through a commercial movie ‘Socialphobia’, where he showed an outstanding act, he got casted on ‘R88’. He said, “during my schooldays, even during 10-minute breaks, I earnestly played basketball and went back inside the classroom while sweating profusely, a normal boy that girl students hate.”Also he said, “I never dreamt of the celebrity world at all, suddenly the fans grew in number, I’m honestly trembling.”

Ryu Jun Yeol who was influenced by his father, a publishing designer, majored in Art  during his Junior School, and during his high school days, because he wanted to be a teacher, he even retook the entrance exam to an Education college. As the SAT was getting close, in order to stay awake he was studying while standing, and he said he fell asleep in that position for two hours. “I got a great shocked once I woke up,” he said. “The thought that studying isn’t really my thing came to me, and it made me think what thing I would really like to do.”

He decided to try acting, as he persistently watched more than two movies each day. For the SAT coming, he attended an Acting academy for one month, then he was accepted on the Theater and Film department. He endured the times when he was still a nameless actor by doing many kinds of part-time jobs such as pizza delivery, setting ten thousand chairs, and serving in a noodle restaurant. “Last year, before I joined ‘R88’, I taught Musical to elementary students in an after-school class.” He added, “the kids I taught called me and asked ‘when will I get back to class’.”

T/N: setting chairs is usually a job for a one day helper for an event organizer, usually for events like ceremonies or weddings


Though he considerably received attention late compared to Idol stars, Ryu Jun Yeol who has an optimistic personality said he doesn’t feel anxious. “I just naturally go with the flow, I believe one day all will be well no matter what.” He also said, “even when I fail during auditions, I soon challenge myself, ‘endurance’ seems to be my greatest strength.”

Ryu Jun Yeol’s personality that overcome his appearance has become the hot topic during the broadcast of the drama. Carries a single eyelid with thick lips alone, people spammed on portal sites with similar comments to these: ‘a handsomeness which is also a mask. He’s just covered all over with it’, ‘what should I do if he keeps acting handsome like that. I am worried that I have a problem with my eyes.’ To that Ryu Jun Yeol said “they didn’t say that I have charming side? I don’t feel upset at all. Only thankful.”

He who received a note through SNS, which said  ‘I was in the middle of worrying whether I should fold my dream as an actor because of my looks, but I gained courage and comfort by looking at you.’ He said, “because an actor is a profession that will always receive evaluation in front of the public, an actor no matter what needs to have confidence about himself.” He added, “rather than saying I  have confidence with my looks, I don’t have a complex about that.”

“For an actor, looks are just one of the evaluation standards. More of that, the standard looks that are expected by public keeps changing through time. Though I can get eyes, nose, lips sculptured through plastic surgery, the labor time and the earnesty, I would rather use the expenses to read one more book and straighten my heart to be a praiseworthy actor more, I think that’s a better way.” In his spare time, he plays soccer, reads a book and watch movies, he rarely browses the internet, he also asked “I heard there is a ‘Like’ thing on Facebook right?”

Ryu Jun Yeol said, “before, it was only around six fans each time that looked for me in the filming site, I can still talk, caught up with each others’ lives with them and got along closely, but the sudden grow of it, I hardly even get to greet them.” He added, “this is a problem that is saddening me and has concerned me the most.” Also, “I want to live cooly like the US Baseball player, Clayton Kershaw, who has the best skill and has been consistently doing volunteer service also,” he said. “I am in the middle of considering how I should give back the overflowing love that I received.” Ryu Jun Yeol will meet fans through the movies ‘No Tomorrow’ ‘Glory Day’ and ‘The Boys who Cried Wolf’ which has already finished filming and is waiting to be premiered. He was also confirmed to join Jung Woo Sung and Jo In Sung as a supporting role in movie ‘The King’.

[ FEB 11, 2016 ]

Ryu Junyeolie as ‘Dog Jungpal’ Kim Junghwan, which ended up not receiving the reply of his first love to Sung Deoksun. ‘EoNamRyu’ fans showed great criticism on the final stage of the drama, and was on the state that they have given up to continue watching.

The fanwar that started between each sides of fans, how did it influence the relationship between Ryu Jun Yeo l(30) and Park Bogum (23).

Yonhap News who met Ryu Jun Yeol on February 11, Ryu Jun Yeol revealed “there is not even a slight psychological war with Park Bogum.”

Ryu Junyeol, Park Bogum and others recently just came back from Namibia, Africa, to film Na Youngsuk PD’s Variety Show ‘Youth Over Flowers’. Though his face has become tanned, his characteristic shyness mixed up in his smile is still there.

“Don’t you feel uncomfortable with Park Bogum”

“Both of us don’t have any uncomfortable feelings towards each other. Me, Shin Wonho PD or Park Bogum, none of us has raised the husband-talk at all. As it was a family drama, Shin PD didn’t want the focus to turn to Deoksun’s husband-hunt, and also we never asked ‘who is the husband?’’.”

Ryu Jun Yeol explained, “if I think about it again, I get goosebumps that we never once talked about the husband” and added, “just after the drama ended, Park Bogum and I had a conversation, ‘why didn’t we talk about the husband at all’.”

Ryu Jun Yeol revealed, “If it’s in real life, I won’t give up (Deoksun).” He emphasized, “of course, it’s not that I don’t have the greed to be Deoksun’s husband.”

“Usually, before, I am not sure how I should evaluate my own acting by watching through video. But it’s an exception for ‘R88’. I want to understand Jungpalie’s heart even a little bit more, although I’m the one who put those acts, it’s still sad to watch Jungpalie.”

During your school days, have you experienced first love?

Ryu Jun Yeol answered with looks a little embarrassed, “I never really dated a woman until my high-school days, I liked to get along with the guys.”


With Shin Wonho PD’s one statement “Bring Yangge here” he joined.

Last March, Ryu Jun Yeol received attention through the movie ‘Socialphobia’ where he played as BJ(Internet Broadcaster) who had a special shout-out “Welcome~ Yangge TV!”. To be casted on ‘R88’, it was also thanks to his ‘Yangge’ character.

“With one statement from Shin Wonho PD ‘Bring Yangge here’, who watched Socialphobia, I went there. Although I am a fan of the ‘Reply’ series, I never expected that I would be casted. Honestly, I think I didn’t think about it.”

The audition was held on last June and had three rounds .

Ryu Jun Yeol explained, “During the first round, I didn’t feel nervous at all, but starting from the second round, I was so nervous of the thought ‘could I possibly casted on Reply’” he adds “as for the third round I was trembling so I went to the audition with an almost ‘half-dead’ condition.”

In the audition, Ryu Jun Yeol followed Shin Wonho PD’s request to read all lines of the Ssangmundong’s youngsters characters including Choi Taek, at the end he was pointed as Kim Junghwan, Kim Sunggyun and Ra Mi Ran’s second son.

“On the third round of audition, I think I said ‘thank you’ for a  hundred times to Shin PD’s words “let’s do it together.” (smile) Shin PD looked so cool when he said ‘even if it’s not working, I’ll take the responsibility’

“Naturally called Kim Sunggyun and Ra Miran as Mom and Dad”

‘Reply’ production team has instructed Ryu Jun Yeol as “Brusque but thoughtful, an ordinary male high schooler”. Ryu Jun Yeol who originally has sharp looks, has gained more than 10kg in one month.

Though the drama took place in the late 1980s as the background, “we shared side-dishes between the neighbors, went to the upstairs house to learn piano, got along so close between upstairs and downstairs families.”
Thanks to this childhood memories he said, the drama doesn’t feel unfamiliar.


The filming site was also overflowing with warmness. Ryu Jun Yeol who called Kim Sunggyun and Ra Miran as ‘hyung’ and ‘noona’, starts to call them ‘Mom and Dad’ naturally, as soon as the filming started.

Ryu Jun Yeol explained the scene when the family still lived in a single room and his brother Jungbong (Ahn Jaehong) won the Olympic lottery draw, which made them rich overnight, was a scene that left a deep impression for him.

“I thought Junghwan’s family was originally rich, I didn’t know there is such a background story for them. But at the filming site when Dad (Kim Sunggun) did an ad-lib ‘What day is it, we even have tofu as side dish’ I had this funny thought, ‘our family’s situation is this serious.’ I kept bursting into laughter.”

Ryu Jun Yeol said, “The drama is originally popular, and in the middle of that I also carried along to gain a little popularity.” Aside from R88, he stated, “it feels like I received the best present all at once.”

“I feel like receiving a love that would never exist again all at once. So I have been thinking how to give this love back, also if I am worth to receive this love. I am concerned about how to repay all of this.”


[ FEB 11, 2016 ]

What does ‘acting as handsome’ mean to Ryu Jun Yeol. It’s not just ‘handsome’ but “acting as handsome’, and as an actor it can hurt his pride. But from the start, for Ryu Jun Yeol, it can never be a problem.

On February 11, Ryu Jun Yeol honestly revealed his feelings about his appearance to Sport Today. On ‘Reply 1988’, he’s just an ordinary man who acts as Junghwan, not a lead male’s usual ‘Sculpture-handsome’, but rather has a characteristic and firmly hold tight on principles, that’s why he is a more charming actor.

“I don’t feel bad to hear ‘acting as handsome’. It is somehow like a proverb. Although he’s not handsome, it means that’s how much Junghwan’s character is charming, right? It means the viewers love and cherish the character, so I feel good.”

Many aspiring actors are concerned about appearance as much as their acting skill. To appear in front of the public charmingly is indeed an actor’s goal, but Ryu Jun Yeol has been frankly sticking with his appearance since he started acting.

Many aspiring actors are concerned about appearance as much as their acting skill. To appear in front of the public charmingly is indeed an actor’s goal, but Ryu Jun Yeol has been frankly sticking with his appearance since he started acting.

“More than saying that I am satisfied with it, well I just live with it. It’s not that I have the confidence, it’s just I don’t have any complex. I will live with this face for the rest of my life, nothing I can fix either. The cost and times spent on fixing it better be used to read one more book, and I think it would be good to grow your heart more.”

Ryu Jun Yeol emphasis as an actor is it’s important to have confidence on your own appearance. He said, “if you don’t have confidence, your acting will negatively be influenced. And then you can’t show the charm you have always had. Appearance is just one of the rough standards to evaluate you. If you hang your head down because of that, you will easily lose the rest. I love myself,” while showing his eye-smile.

[ FEB 11, 2016 ]

Ryu Jun Yeol revealed his dating history.

Ryu Jun Yeol explained his similarity with Junghwan and reminisced his dating history.

In the drama, Junghwan not even once can expressed his heart properly to Deoksun (Hyeri), and kept it inside his heart for years. At the end, he was pushed out by the fight on timing with Taek (Park Bogum) and his love to Duksun failed to come true.

Ryu Jun Yeol said “If it was the real me, I will try to confess to Deoksun, I think I will do anything I should do. I think I can’t just be looking all throughout the years. I tried my best to understand Junghwanie despite many sides of him that was really frustrating.”

Actually Junghwan who is brusque and clumsy in expressing himself is similar to Ryu Jun Yeol during his schooldays. Ryu Jun Yeol reminiscing, “during my schooldays, I don’t have many girl friends. I was just hanging out with the boys and every break time we were exercising to sweats profusely.”

After ‘Reply 1988’ Ryu Jun Yeol who captivates the hearts of women fans, “before debuting I was just dating moderately. Just like other people?” He added, “because I didn’t date even before I started ‘R88’, recently, I don’t think of dating. Though Junghwan’s love failed to come true, I wish my love in the future can come true,” he confessed.

Also, Ryu Jun Yeol said, “the ‘Ideal type’ topic is something hard. I never thought about it. I never liked any particular celebrity and joined any fanclub. Because I never longed for the celebrity world itself, it is hard to point out one as an ideal type. I just want to date a good person,” he shyly smiled.

Many aspiring actors are concerned about appearance as much as their acting skill. To appear in front of the public charmingly is indeed an actor’s goal, but Ryu Jun Yeol has been frankly sticking with his appearance since he started acting.

[ FEB 12, 2016 ]

It was a rapid progress.

Actor Ryu Jun-yeol who debuted in 2014 appeared like a comet. He starred in the short film “Midnight Sun” and feature film Socialphobia then in the tvN drama “Answer Me 1988” and rose to stardom. He has been tagged ‘husband material Ryu Jun-yeol and his fan meeting sold out 1,500 seats in just 2 minutes.

Ryu Jun-yeol became a star in just 2 years and rumors of envy followed. He is said to be ‘vain’ and apparently he had issues with the staff and crew which created mixed opinions about the actor. However, he was so shy to even look at the reporter in the eye. He said, “There were a lot of rumors about me after the drama and I think they had something to do with the fact that Jeong-hwan didn’t become Deok-seon’s (Hyeri) husband. I just have to be more careful and modest. I am the same but those around me look at me differently. So I think I should be more responsible for my actions”. He is more appealing the more we look at him as he is so modest.

photo686610 RJY ISPULS1

How was your relationship with Park Bo-gum who was your rival?

“We hardly talked about being the husband let alone be rivals. We were close on the set but we became closer after the tvN show “Youth Over Flowers Namibia, Africa””.

We heard you were really upset when things didn’t work out with Hyeri.

“I learned that things didn’t work with her on the nineteenth episode. I decided to let Deok-seon go. Jeong-hwan would’ve been upset but I wasn’t that bad. He must’ve been really sad”.

Ra Mi-ran expressed Jeong-hwan as ‘the painful finger’.

“I saw her interview about being the mother of a boy who didn’t get to fulfill his crush. She’s always on my side. My mother’s the best. ‘Cheetah woman’ is the best. I depended on her the most. She told me a lot of good things. She’s a good senior and I would like to work with her again. It would be fun to meet her as a lover too”.

What do you think is your greatest appeal?

“There’s nothing I would say is my greatest appeal. I just like myself and the way I look”.

You battled with Bobbi in the MBC TV show “Infinite Challenge – My Ugly Friend” and you won.

“I was proud of myself. I enjoyed the first season and I was in the second season. It’s a popular show and it felt good to know that they were talking about me. I would like to meet the members of the show again. As for Bobbi, we were just having fun. He’s much cooler than me and I watched him rap. That was awesome”.

What is the biggest change you’ve experienced after “Answer Me 1988“?

“There’s no pressure. I think I just have to be the way I always was. I don’t think I should be over my head just because “Respond” was successful. Good results followed and I hope for the best in the next thing I do”.

You decided on your next project pretty quickly. What made you decide to star in “The King”?

“It was a good scenario and I didn’t really think much about it when I decided to do it. I liked the role that I was given and I am a fan of the director too. I should say I was chosen and not that I chose it. I am meeting Jeong Woo-seong and Jo In-Seong in “The King”. I am so excited to work with someone I watched on TV since I was a student. He was very friendly when I met him shortly before”.

You were on entertainment TV with “Youth Over Flowers Namibia, Africa”.

“It was so real when I was kidnapped in Phuket. I wouldn’t have packed like that if I’d known what was coming. I heard I needed to be funny and I needed to have character for TV shows. “Youth Over Flowers Namibia, Africa” was fun. Director Na Yeong-seok told me to have fun and I did. It was awkward at first because there was a camera around me all the time but I got used to ignoring it and had a good time. I recommend Africa to those who haven’t been yet. It’s a great place to go”.

How was director Na Yeong-seok in person?

“He is very warm and kind. He tries his best to show everything the way they are without fake. He seeks aesthetics of slow and that reflects on his person as well”.

What are your goals for 2016?

“I want to take step by step towards the things I can do. I never thought about having to do something special. I just want to be a warm and comforting person”.


[ FEB 15, 2016 ]

Ryu Jun Yeol on his interview last February 15 with Kuki News, “I’m still lacking to say I’m a mega-trend. It’s just up to the point wherein people now recognize me.”

Ryu Jun Yeol who suddenly shoot to stardom after appearing on tvN drama Reply 1988, knows that the sudden change possibly created regrets for the long-time fans who liked him since he was still on Indie movies.

To this Ryu Junyeol said, “I have been concerned about this a lot.” He added, “although there’s a limit for what I can do for the fans who love me, and seeing the growing number (of fans), I’m trying my best to create fun that we can enjoy together.”

The love for his fans is also special. “I will always be thankful to the fans who know better about this concerns,” he adds. “My fans are like a little girl, they’re so gentle. They know how to love and how to receive love. That’s why I’m so proud of them,” he bragged. He also added, “they hear what I said nicely, be touched by it and feel related to it. These kinds of reactions makes me so proud.”

[ FEB 22, 2016 ]

ALCOHOL (Alcohol Tolerance)

I really can’t drink. So I don’t know my limit. When I meet friends, we don’t meet at pubs, we gather at home.

BODY (Body’s Secret)

I’m originally fair. I got tanned a lot from Africa. Though I applied so much sun cream, the sun was really strong, it was meaningless.

CASH (earnings)

I haven’t thought about it at all. I didn’t know that I would received recognition this fast and be given a very important role in the project. I haven’t even thought that I would receive so much love. Rather than that, I was just wishing to do acting and be an actor that you remember for a long time. Uhm, I never imagined myself to have a photoshoot like today.

DO (the thing you want to do right now)

I want to do interview with a good voice. My throat condition is in mess because of the cold. I want to be healthy right now.

EPISODE (The most unforgettable moment in “Youth Over Flowers’)

When we were kidnapped. When I met Na Youngsuk PD whom I only saw on TV before. It’s like seeing a celebrity. Being stunned when we got inside the car with Ahn Jaehong and Go Kyung Pyo. I was the most calm to accept it.

FACE (Looks)

I don’t have any complaints. Although I was acting handsome as Junghwan in R88, but I think he is charming.

GIRLFRIEND (If you don’t have girlfriend, how about an Ideal type)

I don’t have it precisely. Looks doesn’t matter. A person who smiles a lot and is considerate. For as long as I have lived, I haven’t seen much of a person like that.


I will go traveling. I want to go to all European countries. I want to go to the famous soccer club’s field and watch soccer match there.

INTEREST (Current interest)

I like soccer. Position as defender, my favorite player is Park Jisung. I play soccer (video) game and also go to a morning soccer club. Recently I am so busy, it’s been a month since I went.


I originally like watching movies. I watched many different movies despite any genre. Naturally the thought of doing acting came to me.

KEEP (the thing you want to keep)

“My intention. The most important thing for a rookie. I am trying my best to keep it.”

LOVE (dating style)

Half of Junghwan’s side and half of Sunwoo’s side. Just like Sunwoo, affectionate and warm. On the other side, like Junghwan who is kinda cold. I can’t do push and pull, it doesn’t suit my personality, it’s exhausting. When I like someone, it’s so obvious even before I confess.

MEETING (the first fanmeeting of your life)

I feel grateful and fluttered. It’s not singing or dancing. I want to do a talkshow. My fans seems to like it when I talk.

NO GOOD (NG on R88)

When I have to hold in (my) laughter. Especially on (Kim) Sunggyun Hyung and (Ra) Miran Nuna’s scenes, I laughed so hard. Junghwan doesn’t reciprocate with the catchphrases, but if it’s me I will reciprocate well.

OPPA (A nickname like oppa)

Mental Handsome. That’s the most memorable nickname. Actually I like all nicknames about me and thankful for it. EoNamRyu (The Husband is Ryu Jun Yeol Anyways), BolMaeNam (Charming Man the more You see him), MotMaeNam (Ugly but Charming Man) etc, I like it all.

PARTY (Is (getting) married the party of life)

I want to do it soon. I will propose at the Eiffel Tower. I even went to Africa through ‘Youth Over Flowers’,  but I have never been to Europe, and to go there is my dream.

Q-SIGN (Cue Sign)

It’s all dead. It needs confidence. If you received a cue sign when you’re not confident, it will be a NG (No-Good scene).


Although I’ve been wrapped by the rumors that I have displeasure with R88’s production crew, actually I’m also proud. Isn’t it only famous people getting into a rumor. Director Shin Wonho has given me encouragement about the duty of a public figure. He made me have a grip on right mindset, he is someone I’m thankful to.


SEXY (the sexy moment)

I just need a mirror in the bathroom. The mirror inside the bathroom has made every man sexy.

‘THE KING’ (next project ‘THE KING’)

The project I want to join the most in this world. It’s really interesting. The atmosphere on the set is also nice. I appeared as Jo In Sung Sunbae’s friend and he makes it really comfortable. There are not many people who are taller than me, he makes my heart pounder.

UNIQUE (My dating technique)

Be Considerate. It’s important to be considerate even to the simplest things. Open the door for her, hand her the things or something like that. Actually, my heart flutters at a girl’s smile. All women in the world becomes prettier when they smile.

VALUE (valuable and important)

Love. Love makes everything possible. The thing that makes miracles possible, also forgiveness to happen, is love.


I wish for everyone to love each other. For my personal wish, I want to be healthy. As the person that takes care of my body well, I don’t smoke and even don’t drink coffee but I got caught by a bad cold.

X (The misunderstanding you want to resolve)

I don’t have any in particular.

YOUTH (Highschool Year)

Just like others, play when it’s playtime, study when it’s study time, I was a common student. I even slept while standing. I was so surprised how can it even be possible for a person to do that.

ZZZ (Sleeping Habit)

Fall asleep as soon my head rests. I might snore when I’m tired.


If you see him in person, he is far from a ‘Tsundere’ (an expression of ‘looks cold outside but warm inside).
He is rather decent and bright, he is closer to a ‘Model student’ type.

Not even one trivial question he answers carelessly, moreover, with that smile on the corner of his lips which doesn’t know how to stop. This is Ryu Jun Yeol’s story, who hit a jackpot through the tvN Drama ‘Reply1988’.

Ryu Jun Yeol has taken on ‘Junghwan’s role, who has a cynical personality.
Depicted the boy’s growth process from being fallen for his first love, he played on women’s hearts from 20s-30s.

We had an interview with Ryu Jun Yeol who came back from the ‘Youth Over Flowers’ trip and ‘Reply 1988’ reward trip.

After the end of ‘R88’, there must be many things has changed.

To be honest, I am not sure. It hasn’t been long since I came back from Africa… Although I’m not as busy as I thought, still I don’t have time to walk around the streets. I think it’s true that I got more recognition now. I’m trying my best to behave even more carefully. Might be my responsibility growing?

At the end, “EoNamRyu’ has failed. Seems there is a regrettable feeling at the final stage.

I had the feeling after finished filming episode 18. I have sensed that the husband is Taek (Park Bogum). Though it was a ‘joke confess’ scene, but I have a thought that I should let Deoksunie (Hyeri) go. One by one, the past memories have been brought up, the feelings that has been there must  be put away.

I don’t have any regret. Actually, I wasn’t even really curious about the husband’s identity. I think our drama put emphasis on ‘Family’. My story was just one part of it. Even after the revelation about the husband, it stays the same. Nothing has changed. I have been thinking it was a process making the memory.

But the people around regretted it so much. I can gain ‘courage’ and ‘strength’. I am very thankful for the fans who were rooting for ‘EoNamRyu’ until the end.


A rumor spread that because there is discord with the production crew, the husband was replaced.

It really does not make sense. It seems like a there is misunderstanding, seeing how much (the drama) received love from the viewers. I think it’s just partly a reaction of people who are concerned. We didn’t put many interest on the ‘husband hunt’ among ourselves. Park Bogum and I have never talked about anything related to the ‘husband’s identity’.

The atmosphere on the filming site itself was like a family. We were exchanging encouragement to each other. It was a rare and a warm memory.

‘R88’, the most different part with the previous ‘Reply’ series, if any?

Of course, that it’s a ‘Family Drama’. Even when I read each episode’s script, rather than a loveline, the family story has caught my attention more. I like that part the most.

Didn’t you feel unfamiliar with ‘80s props?

Unexpectedly, I am familiar with most of it. I’m also in the generation who used ‘MyMy’. Hahaha. I mostly used it during my elementary schooldays. I used to have the rice dispenser that showed in the drama. I didn’t really know about the ‘oil stove’. The old newspaper was very interesting. I am happy that I can see my seniors’ past.

Do you have a friend like ‘Deoksun’ in real life?

None, really. My friends mostly has already been married. But, I believe a friend can turn into a lover.

You are famous as ‘Suwon’s Son’. Do you have any intentions to run for Suwon’s Mayor candidacy?

Hahaha. Not at all. Because I’m an actor.

You’re a huge fan of soccer. What do you think of (Jose) Mourinho Coach of ManU?

I don’t need to say anything, it’s just ‘welcome’. I always see him in a good light. Among soccer players, my favorite is Park Jisung.

I think you have a passion in music. What is your favorite song on the karaoke?

I don’t have any in particular. But lately, I’ve been hooked to a British singer, ‘Adele’. All songs in Adele’s album are playing on repeat.

You’re also famous for reading extensively. Do you have any book to recommend?

I have a target to finish reading one book each week. I recommend EBS’s ‘E-Knowledge’. I’m not joking!

While we are at it, everyone asks for you to share about your perfume. You’re famous for having a ‘nice smell’.

Though it’s seems like a simple question, it isn’t. If I reveal one perfume brand, fans might send it to me as a gift. Please don’t do that! Also I don’t use perfume lately. It’s my natural scent.

We are curious of the meaning of your SNS ID.

Hahaha. It’s interesting. My ID is ‘ryusdb’. Ryu is my surname. ‘db’ means ‘deep breathing’. So, it can be taken as ‘Ryu Jun Yeol’s Breathing’. It’s cheesy right?


“Golden days? I’m simply shy”

He is the one to shoot up and became a ‘Hot Trend Star’ over a night. Every Friday night on the cable channel tvN, through ‘Reply 1988’, he controlled the viewers’ hearts, actor Ryu Jun Yeol maintains his ‘Hot Trend’ move. But he might been following the saying, ‘the boughs that bear the most hang lowest’. To the reporter’s question, “how do you feel to having your golden days?” He answered it humbly.

As soon he ended ’R88’, he appears on ‘Youth Over Flowers’, at the same time, the movie ‘Glory Day’ is soon to be released and will also hold the solo fanmeeting, Ryu Jun Yeol is active in every aspect. And last February 25th, New Daily met Ryu Jun Yeol and talked to him.

#The gift brought by ‘R88’

‘R88’ has brought so many things for Ryu Jun Yeol. It is not exaggerating to say that ‘EoNamRyu’ (the Husband is Ryu Jun Yeol Anyways) was the best new word in 2015, and to also be cast in ‘Youth Over Flower’ to fully display his charms. Here, he also gained fellow actors who also made the teamwork shining.

“Although the drama has finished, we still speak to each other through the group chat. We share about our daily life unhesitantly. (Ryu) Hyeyoungie is going to Japan with Ra Miran Sunbae. (Ahn) Jaehong and (Park) Bogum are having an interview right now, too, including the time when it’ll be finished, we speak about everything even to the simplest things like this.”

The gift that ‘R88’ has brought to him does not end here. As if they understood Ryu Jun Yeol’s heart which says “I really wanted to go traveling”, from the Reward trip in Phuket he was then sent off to Africa. Although it’s an unexpected gift, he said, “I’m thankful.”

“I have said to my ‘R88’ friends that we should go traveling together for so many times. But of course, it’s pretty impossible because our schedules unmatched each other’s. The trip itself was a thing to be thankful for. The word ‘thankful’ is one word that was always said by (Park) Bogum. He uses this expression without hesitations because he is a bright and a pure friend. It’s addicting isn’t it? (laugh) And the word ‘thankful’ is a good word. If I think back again, I am always thankful.”


# Fans Love – Ryu Jun Yeol = 0

Ryu Jun Yeol wears the strength he got from the pouring interest and popularity and is doing his activities without catching a breath. Recently, he who is caught by the flu and controversy, he has the right to feel that things are hard, but rather than worry about himself, he was thinking about his fans first. It might be because of the extraordinary ‘Fan Love’ that has been watching over and supporting him.

“Recently we had a ‘R88’ fansigning event. Because the fansign was limited to only 100 people, many couldn’t come inside. We can only be thankful that many people came for us, even from far-away places. It wasn’t only a cold day, but they have been waiting for us since dawn, and for that we are really thankful. Also, the fans confessed their love. It wasn’t just a simple ‘Oppa, I like you’, but they said, ‘thanks to Oppa, I found strength’. ‘It was a good and a happy time because I spent it with Oppa’. I feel so good and thankful that through the drama I appeared in, they received strength and healing.”

# comforted and consoled just by looking at him
During the entire interview, he kept his humbleness. Moreover, we can see what ‘No Escape from Ryu Jun Yeol’ means, that he has been capturing his fans’ hearts through his various charms. Although he shoot up to the stardom immediately, he does not forget his first intention, and his wish is to be an actor who is be able to give a great strength.

“I never thought that I climbed up to a certain position through gaining popularity. I’m just one of the actors who got casted in the ‘Reply’ series. I want to be an actor that can be helpful in real (daily) life. Someone that you can touch when you reach out your hand, I will try my best to be an actor that can share comfort and consolation, and also an actor who is able to give a great strength to fans. Please watch over me.”

Ryu Jun Yeol who came like a comet last 2015. And now is the time, that his 2016 moves have gathered the public’s interest and expectations.

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