[ DEC 17, 2016 ]
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On the 17th, Park Bogum relayed his remarks on the finale through his company, Blossom Entertainment, “Hello! This is Park Bogum. ‘Reply 1988′ is another production that is like another family to me. I still can’t believe that filming is over, and think that I’ll miss the Ssangmun-dong families a lot.”

Park Bogum said “I’m really thankful (to everyone) for giving me so much love. Even though Taek is good and soft on the outside, I think he was a character that was gentle in appearance, but strong and mature on the inside. I think people showed a lot of love to that side of Taek where although he was grown up, he was pure at the same time.” showing off his affection towards “Choi Taek”, the character he was entrusted with.

Lastly, Park Bogum finished his remarks by adding “I sincerely thank the Ssangmun-dong families, the producers including the directors and scriptwriters, who filmed together during this time. And I sincerely thank the many people who were cheering for Taek.”

[ INTERVIEW ] PARK BO GUM “The kiss scene with Hyeri was my very first and I acted like it was no big deal but…”
[ FEB 2, 2016 ]


Park Bogum revealed his thoughts about the kiss scene with Hyeri.

He revealed in this latest interview with Sports Today that he felt shy while filming his very first on-screen kiss.

Recently Hyeri revealed in an interview that “me and Bogum-oppa are close therefore i felt embarrased during the kiss scene. I felt like I was the only one making a big deal out of it while oppa just seemed not nervous about it”. However, what Patk Bogum felt about the scene wasn’t so different from Hyeri after all.

Park Bogum confessed, “Honestly, I was embarrased but I pretended that I was not. It was our very first onscreen kiss for the both of us. I feel like in this situation, the guy has to lead well so even if I was nervous, I pretended not to be.”

He added while laughing, “After the scene was shot, I became awkward and shy for no reason. But being the guy, I try not to make it so obvious but Hyeri probably felt awkward too.”

Being the one who shot the most scenes with Hyeri, Park Bogum mentioned that, “through R88, Hyeri and I became close. Hyeri is much like her Deoksun character who is very cheerful and energetic. I feel like she gives a lot of love to those around her.”
He further complimented Hyeri saying that she’s a “cool singer and actress.”

[ FEB 4, 2016 ]
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‘Reply 1988’ finished after raising a lot of hot topics.

It was a big honor to be able to participate in a such warm production, I’m very thankful. I think that’s the reason why I’m able to sit here and have this interview.

1988 was before you were born. Wasn’t it hard to understand the feelings from back then?

I tried hard to listen to a lot of songs from back then. But still, even though I listened to the songs, I still couldn’t completely understand the feelings. So I asked my family about it too. I think it was easier to understand because the scriptwriters wrote detailedly in the script. They prepared down to the small props which helped us to know and understand more about the days back then.

In regards to who Deoksun’s husband is in the drama, the words ‘UhNamRyu’, ‘UhNamTaek’ were being used back and forth. In the end, Taek-ie became the husband.

I think it’s ‘UhNamTaek’ for ‘Somehow the husband is Taek’. (laughs) Even I didn’t know I was the husband.

I just thought it (Taek) was a role that was in a one-sided (unrequited) love. At the beginning, Deoksun liked Sunwoo but then liked Jeonghwan later. So I thought it would be the two of them (Deoksun and Jeonghwan). I thought ‘Even though Taekie kept expressing his feelings, in the end it should be ‘UhNamRyu’’, so I was surprised since she really got together with Taek in the end.

How was it when you found out you were the husband.

I was fascinated and puzzled saying, “Wow, it’s me?”

I think this is the first role in a drama where you’ve won the girl.

That’s right. This is the first time I’ve played a role that ends up together with the female lead. From the beginning of the drama the director told us that “You are all the leading and supporting characters of this production”, and I was in the situation where I was just thankful that I was joining this series. So rather than thinking about who would become the husband, I wanted Deoksun to make a happy choice.

I was already happy with the fact that I was appearing in a good drama. I didn’t have any thoughts like “I need to become the husband”, or “I’m going to become the husband”.

I heard that you filmed your first kiss scene in this drama.

It was the first kiss scene in a production for both Hyeri and I. It was really embarrassing but I tried to pretend that it wasn’t a big deal/be calm. I had heard that the male actor should look after (the actress) and take the lead especially in times like that, so that had an influence.

Even the camera director paid extra attention to make sure to shoot that scene so that it came out prettily.

We even heard that you’re a master of kissing.

Me? (He was really surprised, and his originally big eyes got even bigger.) I was really fascinated when I heard that the dream kissing scene recorded the highest views (online).

Were there any NG’s when filming.

Our noses were squashed too often, and our noses were running a lot too. So it was nice that the director still filmed it prettily.

Is there a scene in the drama you particularly remember the most.

There’s a lot.

There’s a scene where Taekie says “Let’s watch a movie” and confesses his feelings for the first time. That scene made my heart skip a beat.

The scene where Jeonghwan tells Deoksun “Don’t, (don’t) go on the blind date” made me really fluttery too. I wasn’t there in person when they filmed that. I watched it later from the perspective of a viewer when it aired on TV.

The scene I think was the greatest is the scene where Taek and his dad are talking about the issue of him (Taek’s dad) remarrying. When Taek’s dad says “it would be nice if dad had a good friend beside him like you, too.” and Taek smiles saying “If dad is happy, then I’m fine with it all”. That part was the most touching.



[ FEB 5, 2016 ]
By Kim Hee Gyeong


24 might be an age that is still young, but can’t be just innocent. However, Park Bo Gum, who is 24 years old, was just like a white snow trail that nobody stepped on. People can rarely see it, but it wasn’t unfamiliar or seemed like a made-up at all.

Park Bo Gum revealed himself and Choi Taek, the character he played for tvN drama ‘Reply 1988’, through an interview with bntnews. After filming the drama, he went to Phuket and Africa, and said, “I can’t still believe the drama is over.”

The last episode of ‘Reply 1988’ reached the viewers’ percentage of 21.8% and made the highest record among cable channels. Regarding this, he added, “It’s literally an honor of my family” and revealed his appreciation.

“Actually, I didn’t know how cable channels go. I thought ‘I wish it would go well’, but I never expected this much. I’m really happy that the drama became nationwide one that received much love from the mass public.”

Park Bo Gum also disclosed respects for director Shin Won Ho that has produced ‘Reply’ series. He mentioned that the director put down his authority for actors and said, “We were happy all the time” and kept appreciating.

“I like all the directors that I’ve worked with, but Shin Won Ho was the most humorous person among them. I never saw him get mad. Moreover, he checks all the details such as arts, props, acting, singing and others. He should be tired, but he always makes kidding and gives advices to everyone, so I really liked to work on it.”

‘Reply 1988’ is evaluated as a drama having more family stories and love than the previous ones. It became one of the reasons why Park Bo Gum, who was born in 1993, could draw the background of 1988 easier.

“When I filmed the drama, my heart became warmer. Although Taek wasn’t at home, everyone gathered at his room and knew each other what they wanted without a word. Moreover, even when Taek was trying to eat at home with his father, neighbors filled up the table for his family. That’s where I could feel heartwarming sentiment of 1988. It will be great if we still can feel it now.”

Choi Taek is one of the characters that received lots of love from the audiences in ‘Reply’ series. In particular, he was a true lover, who gave up playing go that was his everything for his love, and the scene shook many fangirls’ hearts. Somehow, it might be a positive result as an actor, but Park Bo Gum was very humbled.

“I’m not sure if I did well in the drama. Honestly, if I put more time on playing go for the scenes, I could show better quality. If I get 10 points from the drama, I want to retrieve it to the director and scriptwriter that made Choi Taek.”

“Everybody becomes happy for my work, but they told me to behave more prudent and humbled as much as this. Not only my family, but also my agency people see me with objective views. When I didn’t do my work well, they point it out. Rather than giving compliments for me, those comments help me a lot more. If there weren’t those people, I wouldn’t be here.”

It is true that ‘Reply’ series have been loved so much, but there are many behind stories. Recently, there is a rumor entitled ‘Reply curse’ among the mass public. Inside of the rumor, there should be bad influences from much anticipation of the actors in ‘Reply’ series. Regarding this, Park Bo Gum said, “I don’t understand why that is a curse.”

“It is a big blessing that ‘Reply’ series is receiving so much love and interest from many people. I could let everyone know my name and face through the drama and the mass public’s love and interests are from it. I should feel burdened, but if I love my work just like what I’ve done, it is a blessing, not a curse.”

“Many viewers started watching ‘Remember You’ after they saw me through ‘Reply 1988’. If I get to work on other dramas from now on, they may watch ‘Reply 1988’ after they see me in the work. So, I have all my characters inside of me and based on this, I want to show good sides all the time.”

Park Bo Gum made his signature smile and said, “I want to get compliments saying ‘You’re in love with acting’” for his goal in 2016.

“These days, I want to wear a uniform and film a school drama before I get older. Plus, I want to act with the actors in my age as well. I have lots of things to learn from them and I also want to digest more various roles. Just like a model digesting all the outfits perfectly, I want to prove my charms through acting.”

During the short period of time for an interview, he was serious while he was talking about his own aspects. Among those, he revealed his deep affection for his character Choi Taek that he couldn’t even realize in usual.

“When I think of Taek, I get sad. I want to tell him that he’d done everything well. I want him to stay healthy and happy. Everyone moved out on the last episode, but I wish he could be in touch with everyone and he lives in many people’s imagination.”

Just like his tremendous popularity, he was digesting hectic schedules, but he greeted to the reporters one by one and said, “Thank you for coming. Happy New Year” with a bright smile. It wasn’t easily seen at the other interview sites, but it didn’t seem too special for him.

Thus, I don’t want to say that Park Bo Gum’s life has a bright light yet. I just wish that all these things were a simple prologue of his life when he looks back after years.

Herald Interview :

[ FEB 5, 2016 ]
By Suk Gee-hyun (



kpopherald [ Full interview here ]
Career [ Transcript 1 ]
Relationship [ Transcript 2 ]
Reply 1988 [ Transcript 3 ]

“I realized that I’m similar to my ‘Reply 1988’ character in real life. I’m like an iron fist in a velvet glove, just like Choi Taek in the TV series,” the 22-year-old told The Korea Herald in Seoul last Thursday.

“It was an honor to the whole family for me to be part of the amazing TV series. But fame doesn’t last forever. I know I shouldn’t settle for what I have right now, and be more modest and thankful (for my achievements). I know more than anyone else that I wouldn‘t be here if not for the help of my family, agency and fans,” he said in tears, getting a bit emotional.

[ FEB 12, 2016 ]
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Were you happy with the ‘R88’ ending?

“Since I was faithful to the script, I acted according to how it was written. I only found out Taek was the husband after reading the episode 19 script.”

“From the beginning, the director told us ‘You are all the main character. Don’t worry about who will be the husband, and who will be highlighted more in the production etc.’ After hearing those words, regardless of who became the husband I just wanted Deoksun to make a happy choice.”

How did you feel after Taek-ie was confirmed to be the husband in ‘R88’?

“I kept thinking that Jeonghwan would become the husband as well. Even though there were parts where it felt like Taek would be the husband, I thought that there would be another twist towards the end and that it would be ‘UhNamRyu’. But it continued to the end like that without a twist. I was greatly surprised with the ending too.”

Is your real life personality similar to Taek?

“I think it’s similar. The biggest area is that we both have a tendency to be gentle in appearance but quite strong in spirit. We’re also similar in that once we are fixed on something we’re good at concentrating on that one thing. Also, I, like Taek, like milk.” (laughs)

In real life, do you act like Taek towards the girl you like?

“Yes. I’m the type that falls really deep when I fall for someone, so I go ‘all-in’ and love one girl.”

Would you like to work with Hyeri again?

If it’s through a good production, I would definitely like to. But I think I would be even happier if all the families of Ssangmun-dong were to meet up again. Taek was always doing something by himself. There were lots of cases where he would be playing baduk by himself, or be at the Korean Baduk Association by himself, especially at the start of the drama. So I felt lonely a lot of times during the filming (of the drama). But the producers and actors looked after me really well after finding out so I was okay.”

Out of the Ssangmun-dong quintet, is there someone you match well with or have gotten closer to?

“After all, I’ve been in a production with Kyungpyo hyung before, so we were close from the start. I think it’s (their relationship) gotten stronger through this production. Kyungpyo hyung treats me as though I’m his real younger brother. I felt really thankful to him.”

“If I were to talk about the others as well, Donghwee hyung is really funny like his character in the drama. Seeing how hyung was able to bring out the best of the lines that he was given, made me think that I want to be able to deliver my lines like that too. Junyeol hyung is the type that looks at and analyses his script a lot. They all took care of me like real big brothers. Ah, Hyeri is really like Deoksun. She was the vitamin on set, and it’s fun when you’re together with her.”

Did you only have Taek in mind when you auditioned?

“I didn’t even know what roles there were. The script Shin Wonho PD-nim gave me wasn’t a ‘R88’ script. I was given a script that had characters with a similar feel (to those in Reply 1988), and acted (based on that script).”

“I don’t know exactly what the competition ratio was for the auditions, but I heard that there were a lot of people who auditioned.”

Was your dream originally to become an actor?

When I was little, I had a vague idea that I wanted to become a celebrity. Especially since I liked singing while playing the piano, I wanted to become a musician. That’s why I recorded a video of me singing while playing the piano and sent it to (some) big entertainment companies. The CEO of the company I’m currently in right now, watched the video and casted me. He told me that being an actor would suit me, and that I could release albums and promote as a singer while being an actor, so I decided to become an actor after hearing his words.”

Are there any of your lines or scenes that you particularly remember in R88?

“The scene where Taek confesses his feelings towards Deoksun for the first time saying ‘Let’s watch a movie’ was particularly memorable.”

“Aside from that, the scene where Taek’s dad just couldn’t bring himself to say ‘I love you’ to Taek and hugs him tightly, and when Taek’s dad says “it would be nice if dad had a good friend beside him like you, too.” the line where Taek says “I want dad to be happy” etc, I liked the scenes where Taek and his father would exchange their feelings.

Are there any genres or roles you would like to try in the future?

“Honestly speaking, there are a lot of roles I want to take on. I still haven’t shown (the public) much. I want to hear that “the actor Park Bogum is able to suit the role regardless of what he is given”. Firstly, before it’s too late, I want to try acting in a warm youth romance (production) while wearing a uniform. I want to try a historical (production), I’d like to try an action (production) as well, comedy is good as too.. There are lots of roles and productions (that he wants to try), but amongst them I want to take on a character that can touch the hearts, and relay a message to a lot of people. It would be even better if it’s a role that I can pull off well.

Is there an actress you would like to work with?

“If it’s actresses, then I’m in no position to be picking and choosing (laughs). Who am I to be choosing one actress out of all the actresses. Firstly, I want to try acting with Yeo Jingoo-ssi. Even though he’s young, I think there’s a lot of things I can learn from him. If given the chance, I want to meet him in a good production.”

How is your relationship with your father in real life?

“In real life, my father isn’t quiet (like his father in R8). I talk a lot with my father, and we’re close. Our family as a whole, is the kind that gets together and talks a lot.”

Watching the (Reply 1988) behind the scenes videos, you’re really close with Hyeri-ssi, and on Music Bank you work well with Irene. Was your personality where you can treat women without reserve, formed because you have an older sister?

“I think so. But when a women and man are together, there are definitely things they feel awkward with (in the other person) at the beginning. At times like that, I think it’s only right for the man to take initiative, so I try hard to do so. Even with the kiss scene with Deoksun, I was really embarrassed but I pretended that it wasn’t a big deal and tried not to show that I was embarrassed.” (laugh)

Between love and friendship, which would you choose in real life?

“I’ve thought about it. In the end I think I would choose love. I’ve mentioned it before but I’m the style that falls really deeply once I’m into someone.”

When did you experience your first love?

“The person I met (dated) in middle school, I met until high school. I think we met for an extremely long time, but I can’t remember exactly how long we met for. During the time we dated, there were a couple of times where we broke up and got back together again.”

I heard that you personally directed a performance at Myongji University. Are you like all the normal students during lessons?

“That’s right. I want to keep directing performances. My fellow students all treat me really comfortably whenever I go (to class).”

“Lately I’ve been worrying that I won’t be able to apply for my courses online. (laugh) If I were to go later, and the lecturer accepts my application, I’m afraid that there will be people saying that I got special treatment because I’m a celebrity. I’m worrying even more because of that.”

It could be that you might get used to your popularity down the track, do you have any ways of controlling yourself for those times?

“Since I am here in this place thanks to the love given by the fans, and the support from the people from my company and my family, I don’t think I’ll think of popularity as something that is a given. I’m really thankful to the people who are cheering for me. I think the people at my company and my family are the biggest sources of strength for me.”

You’ll still be acting 10 years later, what kind of evaluations/assessments would you like receive as an actor?

“Since it’s unknown as to when I’ll be able to keep acting until, I’m just going to keep doing my best (in acting) until I can. I would like it if people thought ‘Park Bogum is quite a warm person’, ‘He’s someone I want to act with’, ‘He’s someone that has brings a positive influence on a lot of people’. Fundamentally, I want to become an actor that is good at acting.”

YTNstar :
[ FEB 23, 2016 ]
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The character you want to try acting out of the R8 characters?

“Jinjoo?!! How hard must it have been for Jinjoo too. She doesn’t know  Magical Princess Minky Momo at that age, right? But honestly, even if I try acting as another character, I don’t think I’ll be able to do as well as the actor did. (humble)”

Aren’t you upset that DongRyong couldn’t go with Africa with you guys?

“I thought it was a shame that we couldn’t go together, but I’m meeting up with Donghwee hyung soon!!!”

In R8 you were Deoksun’s husband, but if it was in real life, would you put love first, or friendship?

“I would choose….. love.” (interviewer: I thought my heart almost fell at this point)

”What do I have to do if my really close friend said that he’s going to marry the girl I really love? (flustered reporter;; i’m…not sure?) right?”

”I think I would choose love. I think of love as seeking the good of the other person. Even in the drama, it showed that love is timing, and because there is a timing for love. (that’s why he would chose love)”

How many dating experiences have you had?

“Is there a pa..pass?”
(blunt reporter: no)

“I’m the kind of person who, if I’m seeing/dating someone, sees/dates them for a long time. That’s why my number of dating experiences could probably be counted with your hands?!”


[ FEB 23, 2016 ]
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“Park Bogum, who we’re meeting for the first time in 2 years after ‘The Admiral’, his ‘positive energy’ that he exuded was exactly like it was in the past smiling and saying that he’s “happy that he’s getting more work” despite being so busy.”

In ‘Reply 1988′ the scene where Taek (Park Bogum) catched onto Junghwan’s (Ryu Junyeol) feelings was really perfect.

”Really? Thank you (laughs).
The director, and scriptwriters directed us delicately.
I’m really thankful that the viewers were able to see those delicate things in ‘Reply 1988′.”

Is there anything you would like to say to Choi Taek?

”I want to say that I’m very thankful.
I hope that he goes on to keep in contact with the Ssangmun-dong families.
He worked hard, and I hope that he will cherish this memory for a long long time – that’s what I would like that say to him.”

By 신태현 기자 holjjak@
[ FEB 24, 2016 ]
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“Hello. Before you start the interview, I saw the post on eToday’s Facebook that was accepting questions from my fans. Thank you.”

On the 24th, in a cafe in Samcheong-dong Jongro-gu Seoul, Park Bogum who met up with eToday, told the reporter that he saw the post saying that we were accepting questions from fans beforehand, and greeted the reporter warmly.

Before interviewing Park Bogum, eToday accepted questions that fans wanted to ask Park Bogum through eToday’s official facebook and the reporter’s personal instagram from the 19th till the 22nd. The reporter selected a few from the hundreds of questions and asked Park Bogum on their behalf.

The following is the 1Q1A with Park Bogum

pri_Kong nim’s question: did you succeed at your university class sign ons?

I failed my class signons. There’s still the period for dropping and adding courses, so I’m going to try again then. I was able to select the course for my major beforehand, but for the liberal arts courses, I have to compete with students from other faculties and since the number of students accepted for the course limited, I was kicked out (of the page because he was too slow).

jules258190: During your fan meeting, after seeing you dance, you fans called it (his dancing) ‘a machine malfunctioning’. Are you taking a class on dancing this time around?

A compulsory jazz and ballet class are included every semester. From first year up until now, I’ve taken ballet classes. I personally think I danced quite well at the fan meeting.

mssome: what was the most difficult thing to act in ‘Reply 1988’?

Since Taek is a character of few words, having to act and exude emotions through my eyes, expression, and minute muscle movement wasn’t easy. Watching Song Joongki sunbae in the movie ‘Wolf Boy’ made me think of how amazing he was. Having to express all of his emotions without a single line of dialogue and only through his facial expressions – wasn’t he amazing? Luckily for ‘Reply 1988’ the director and script writers wrote (the script) in a lot of detail, so there wasn’t much difficulty in expressing (his emotions).

Minkyung Lim: Bogum-ssi is famous as a man who lives an upright life, and for being kind. But isn’t it tiring to live so kindly? There has to be a lot of times when you get angry, sick or when you feel stressed – what do you do at those times?

Honestly, I’m not the type that gets stressed easily. Maybe it’s because I think positively that I don’t get stressed easily, but sometimes when I get annoyed or when I do feel stressed, I relieve it through talking about it. I talk with either my family or with the people at my company.

kim_onyou54: what does Park Bogum think of ‘Ministry of Bogum’ as?

a reliable friend and resting place. Whenever I go (onto his fancafe) when I’m having a hard time, there are fans there that are supporting me. I’m thankful that they like me so much, but I hope that they would not give me things like gifts. Just their thoughts/feelings are enough. I suggested that we start savings accounts together, and to look at savings plans together but no one has recommended me any so far.

김은지: it wouldn’t be once a day nowadays, (but I’m curious as to) whether you still go to the fancafe often to read the messages (left by fans)?

I read a lot of the support messages in the fancafe. In all honestly, there are so many nowadays, that it’s a bit more than I can handle. But I’m trying my best to read as many as I can.

pri_kong: looking at your usual clothes, you’ve either worn it when you were young, or have worn it for a really long time. It’s fascinating that the clothes are so clean every time you wear them. How do you take care of your clothes?

This is such a fun question. For shoes, I try my best to wear them as cleanly as possibly. I found out about this while watching a Japanese drama a long time ago. I heard that you can find out about a person by looking at their shoes. That’s why I try to wear them as cleanly as possible. Even in Africa, when they got dirty I would wipe them with wet wipes, and when we went into water I would change into the slippers that the hyung’s bought for me. They (his shoes) turned a bit yellow from the dirt in the desert in Africa so I took them to the dry cleaners as soon as I got back (to Korea).

bogum_seoyeon: what’s the first thing you do when you get home after work?

I shower and go to sleep. During the (university) holidays, I eat delicious things at home, watch movies, and even sing softly by myself. When it’s not the holidays, I spend my days going to university.

bee_____bin2: since you’re the MC for ‘Music Bank’ I’m curious about what genre of songs you like.

I like everything when it comes to music. The song I’m listening to a lot these days is Rainbow. I especially like the side-track called ‘Click’. My hobby is looking for and finding songs that people don’t really listen to, and don’t really know.

starly0429: I’m a noona fan, so I’m asking this question full of self-interest. What do you think of women who are older than you?

I never mentioned Lee Chungah and Lee Yeonhee sunbaenim’s as my ideal types. At the time, I just mentioned that I was close with Chungah noona and Yeonhee noona, and that (turned around and) was reported as my ideal type. I don’t have a specific ideal type when it comes to (physical) looks. I hope that they’re someone who match me well. I like people who look after me like a mother, but at the same time is also like a friend. Age difference doesn’t really matter.

elainelee7: do you like watching sports (soccer, baseball etc)? Could you tell us specifically which teams you like, if any?

I like watching sports. But honestly, I don’t know much about it. I don’t have extensive knowledge about soccer or baseball teams so I just cheer for whoever other people are cheering for.

Youngim Lee: you have pretty good singing skills, do you have plans on releasing music/an album for your fans?

I’m working on it. I don’t know when that will be though. After gaining a bit more experience and learning more, I want to participate in an OST, as well as personally writing lyrics and composing too. My skills are still lacking. There are too many people who are good at singing these days. I’ll have to sharpen and polish my skills.


By Jang Jin Ri
[ FEB 25, 2016 ]
TRANSLATED BY @ Fangurling



He was really well-brought-up.  The boy who, due to his good looking face, was known in his neighborhood as the “Mokdong Kind-hearted Hottie” while growing up, has slowly, uprightly grown into a well-grounded adult who knows how to be sincerely grateful.  Even with few words, one can plainly see the actor’s healthy outlook in his clear, pure eyes and face.  Park Bogum, who has reached hottest star status in Korea though Reply 1988, doesn’t get exalted.  He has grown into an adult who, in this, his hottest moment, prepares fortomorrow with calm reason.  Those who follow him will surely not be disappointed.

[Note: “Mokdong Hoonam”  Mokdong = Park Bogum’s neighborhood.  “Hoonam” = good looking guy + kind]

How many times have you already said “thank you.” (Laugh.)  You really say “thank you” quite a lot.

(laughs) I’m just really grateful for everything.  For people liking me, for cheering me on, I’m simply grateful for everything.  I’m grateful for having learned that having grateful thoughts brings forth even more things to be grateful for and I’m grateful for having learned this early on (laughs).

What are the most recent things for which you are most grateful?

There are too many things to be able to choose just one (laugh).  I’m grateful that so many people came to the fan signing with [Go] Kyunpo hyung even though it was such a cold day.

It’s already been one month since Reply 1988 ended.

It’s really a pity that it has ended and I really miss it.  I miss it a lot and I miss everyone.  Youth Over Flowers was like an extension of Reply 1988 but having returned home, I miss it even more.  I recently met Sung Dong-il sunbae and Kim Sung Kyun sunbae at a movie premiere, but being used to seeing them in SSangmundong, it was awkward and strange to meet them outside of it (laugh).  I really miss everyone.  I miss our time in Phuket when everyone was together.

At the end of 2015 10Asia held its own Broadcast Awards.  Park Bogum was the only one who received the “King of Welfare” and “King of Good Chemistry” award at the same time. The “King of Good Chemistry” award is a special award and a compliment to the fact that wherever Park Bogum goes, “good chemistry” is sure to follow.  The “King of Welfare” award is an award for providing social welfare services that even the government cannot provide, but Park Bogum has provided in spades.

I’m grateful that 10Asia has awarded me the “King of Good Chemistry” and “King of Welfare” awards and that 10Asia likes and approves of me.  I’m very thankful (laugh).  The reason I am the “King of Good Chemistry” is not because of me, but because of the people who acted together with me.  It’s because of my fellow actors that I was able to receive this award, so I want to thank them and also thank the directors who were able to capture this good chemistry.  I also want to share this happy event with the Blossom Entertainment family who has guided me to this point. (Laughs out loud)

We really can’t but call you the God of Good Chemistry.  There are many viewers who even say their hearts throbbed more watching you co-host “Music Bank” with Irene than when they watched “We Got Married”.  What is the secret to this “Crazy (Beautiful) Chemistry”? [“Michin Chemi” (“Michin” –> “crazy” spelled with the Chinese character “mi” (美) for “beautiful,” meaning “beautiful crazy” chemistry]

I’m just so thankful.  I have to work hard and continually learn so that people will continue to say I bring out good chemistry. I don’t think I have a particular secret, but if I had to pick something, I think it would be trust in the other person?  I think I trust the other actor.  I think you wouldn’t have that kind of chemistry if you didn’t know and trust your fellow actor.  However my acting is, I trust that my counterpart will accept it and I think respect for the other actor is the secret to good chemistry.

Park Bogum’s Visuals (looks) are healing.  If that is not social welfare, I don’t know what is (laugh).
How do you feel about winning the award for contributing to the social welfare?

(Covers his face while smiling) Aigoo, aigoo (laughs out loud).  I’m unworthy of such praise.  I’m very embarrassed (laughs).

Let’s ask this in a different way.  What is it like to see Park Bogum’s face in the mirror everyday?

It’s different everyday. This is because my face swells up very easily.

Park Bogum’s face is swollen?  I really can’t see it (laugh).
you have your own secret method to bring down the swelling on your face?

I don’t know if I can disclose this (laugh).  I’ll let you in on a new method.  Even though I’m disclosing my own very close secret (laugh).  I found this method because my face gets really swollen.  If you add three pumps of syrup to green tea and drink it, the diuretic effect will bring down the swelling.  In actual fact, it was a make-up artist who let me in on this method.  If I have an event scheduled in the morning, I always drink this. Should I call this hot syrup green tea (laugh)?  It really helps.

The Choi Taek character was called “SSangmundong Heedong” and his weaknesses and vulnerabilities such as his taking drugs like he was drinking water were often highlighted, but he was also a character who displayed a very manly side at unexpected times- for example, he princess carried Duk Seon without any effort and he confesses his love without any restraint or hesitation.

I think so as well. I think Choi Taek is the embodiment of “an iron hand in a velvet glove.”  The writer and the director played the biggest part in creating a good character.  Of course, there were also difficulties, but every time I had difficulties I asked for a lot of directions from the director.  Through meeting the Taek character, I’ve come into my own as an actor and I also learned the game of Baduk.  I also had the opportunity to act with great people and I’ve added the heartwarming “Reply 1988” production to my filmography credits.  These were happy, precious times.  My time in SSangmundong was happy and precious.

I heard the Choi Taek character was a difficult character to play.  Was there any aspect that was particularly difficult?

It was very difficult to express without any words through subtle expressions.  I tried really hard to express emotions without any words, but I think Choi Taek’s emotions were clearly expressed to viewers thanks to good editing.

Watching “Youth Over Flowers,” it seems that Park Bogum’s character is very similar to Choi Taek. 

Out of all the characters I have played so far, you could say that the Taek character is the character that most resembles me.  Through Taek, I learned to act in a relaxed manner without trying to add anything.  Song Dong-il, Lee Il Hwa, Choi Moo Sung, Kim Seon Young, Ra Miran, Kim Sung Kyun sunbaes were all like parents to me.  By watching these sunbaes, I came to understand what it is to act naturally and to understand what it is that a director is asking for and trying to achieve. It would have been nice to have had more scenes with the sunbaes, but my scenes were always of me alone sleeping or playing matches or taking medicine (laugh), so I was very lonely.  But I was truly grateful to join “Youth Over Flowers” and it has been an unforgettable trip for me. I think the aftereffects of “Reply 1988” have not dissipated yet.

In the “Youth Over Flowers” official site, Park Bogum is introduced as being in charge of saying thank you, flower smiles and tears.

Uh?  But I didn’t cry.

You could have selective memory.

Oh . . .  that could be the case (laugh out loud).  There were many moving and emotional events that occurred during this trip.  The lingering effects of those emotions were strong.  Africa left a deep impression on me and I am very grateful that such a trip was captured on video.  I think after time passes by, this will be a travel sketch that I will be able to keep as a precious memory.

In episode 1 of Youth Over Flowers you said you wanted to become “@# friends” with the hyungs (laugh).  Did you really become close through your travels?

We got closer and I plan on getting even closer to them in the future.  Even today, I heard [Ahn] Jae Hong hyung had an interview close by so I quickly went over to greet him.  I think about the trip with the hyungs a lot.  We agreed to go on another trip together when we have time.  I think that through this trip, we were able to become friends who help and support one another beyond a production, beyond acting.  I also learned a lot from the hyungs.

If the four of you were to travel together again, where would be a good place to go?

I don’t think it matters if it’s in Korea or abroad.  It would be good wherever we go.  If we go next time, I’ll lead everything so the hyungs can travel comfortably.  I’ll make the hotel reservations, I’ll tackle driving, I’ll be Guide Park (laugh).

A Look at the Original

What kind of person is Park Bogum?

I’m similar to Taek in that when I focus on something, I focus deeply.  I also think I have leadership.  I like to be around people and I think I am a cheerful and positive person.  I am responsible and dependable.  But it’s embarrassing to laud one’s own praises (laugh).

Is there a Park Bogum that not many people know?

 I can be manly and I can get things done [well].

I see. 

(Laugh out loud) Everyone seems to think it, but I’m not clueless and clumsy like Taek.

(Resolutely) I don’t know about that.

(Laugh out loud) It’s true.  Really.

Was there a time when you thought you were manly?

(After hesitating a long time) It’s embarrassing, he he.

Then have you discovered a meticulous side to your personality?

I remember the small things sometimes?  I think as one ages and time passes by one might forget things, but I think the act of trying to remember the small things shows a meticulous quality.  I often pick-up after things that people forget and leave behind.  Of course, there are times when I leave my things behind (laugh).

The name “Bogum” means “of valuable use when the time is right” and it seems like that time has come (laugh).
What is the most valuable use for actor Park Bogum?

I’m not even sure yet if that time is now.  I just want to be someone who can be a good influence.  It would be nice to be able to move people emotionally and to offer many people comfort through my acting. It would be nice if people could feel warmth and comfort through me.  Isn’t that the most valuable use of an actor?  I think I could become an actor with value by continuing to walk on the path in front of me, as I have been doing up to now.  It’s not that I have done well – it’s that big roles have come my way.  That is the mindset I have embraced in my acting until now and that is the mindset with which I continue to act.

Isn’t Reply 1988 your first successful romance storyline?

That’s right.  I think that’s right.  I found out I was the husband around episode 19. Actually, since the beginning there was nothing in our scripts about what happens in 2015.  So we all thought that there was no current version [of the characters] this time around, and it wasn’t until we all watched the first episode together that we noticed that Duk Seon’s narration wasn’t done by Haeri.  So we all wondered who it was.  When Lee Miyeon suddenly appeared, we were all very surprised.  Even the staff kept silent and no one told us so we were all really surprised.  Due to our filming schedule, during episodes 19 and 20 we were given separate scripts and I found out I was the husband when I received the wrong script.  The first page was a scene from the current time.  That’s when I found out Choi Taek was the husband (laugh).  I honestly thought it would be “uh-nam-ryu (the husband is ryu jun yeol anyway)”.  Because I really thought Jun Yeol hyung was the husband, when I found out I was Duk Seon’s husband I was surprised and amazed.  I was a bit dazed and confused as well.

Through Reply 1988 you became a mainstream actor.  Mainstream means a strong tide that no one can swim against.  Are you not scared of this heavy word?

I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel a burden.  I feel pressure as well but I think that if I just continue as I have been doing until now the day will come when I will gain recognition.  At times like these, it is important to think carefully, think things through once and once again before speaking.  Both my family and my management company family have always told me that at times like these one needs to be even more humble so I strive to be careful and conscious of how I speak and behave.  I don’t think this fame will last.  But if I continue on as I have been doing, won’t there be another day when I receive a lot of interest?  I’m still lacking in many respects.  More than having the desire to receive applause and recognition as an actor, I am thankful for the people who have made it possible to realize my dream.  I am greatly thankful that I can do and enjoy what I want to be doing when I am able to enjoy it, when I want to be doing it.  I guess there may still come a day when even more people will give me their love.

You yourself said you have leadership.  But during filming it seemed as though you were being babied by the cast and crew.  

(Smiling shyly) I gained leadership skills through my activities in the student council during my school years (everyone laughs).  In Reply 1988, I was the youngest among the male actors so even if I wanted to do something the hyungs just did everything.  The setting for Youth Over Flowers was also not an environment in which I could put my leadership skills to use (laugh).  I really wanted to apply my leadership skills, but I didn’t know I’d get into an accident.  When I was by myself I was able to apply my leadership skills but then I missed the flight and inconvenienced the PD (laugh).

Is there a wish you really want to realize this year?

I hope 2016 passes safely and without any mishap.  Even though the year is just beginning (laugh).  Ah! I want to take a group picture with the staff.   There are many people who filmed videos and took pictures of the actors, but there are not many opportunities to take pictures of the staff who worked hard and underwent many hardships on our behalf.  I want to record joint memories with them.  My wish for the year is to take a group picture with people from the [management] company.


[ POP-INTERVIEW PART 1 ] [ FEB 28, 2016 ]
TRANSLATED BY @ Fangurling

You only have to look at actor Park Bogum and a doting mother’s smile will spontaneously appear on your face.  You could forget the whole world when you look into those puppy eyes and bright smile [teeth].  His smile is a like a fast-ball that strikes you directly at the heart because you know that despite the perfect looks that even the industry has lauded, here is a young man who has grown to be healthy [in outlook], bright and upright.  As if setting out to prove this, Park Bogum impresses you even more by maintaining the same humbleness he maintained before his rise to fame and receiving the public’s passionate adoration.

Below is a Q&A with Park Bogum

Youth Over Flowers is on air.  What is your impression of it?

It’s thanks to Reply 1988 that I was able to join Youth Over Flowers.  For me it’s a fortuitous event and an honor.  Actually, because I was alone in Korea when I got kidnapped to go to Africa after I was done filming, I didn’t know how or what the hyungs were doing.  It was when I watched the broadcast that I saw how much they truly worried about me and I was very grateful.  Particularly after I missed my flight.  They could have gotten angry at me, but Kyunpyo hyung even bought a burger for me and when Jun Yeol hyung asked to talk to me [when I called] he comforted me by telling me “don’t be frugal with money” and Jae Hong hyung warned me “it’s not very safe” and worried about me.  I am grateful as I find out these things that I didn’t know before.  I also look forward to Fridays.  I wish it would come soon (laugh).

Your missing your flight must have been a shock to you but it was a shock to the viewers as well. How did that happen?

It was quite a shock. I like traveling and I’ve been to many places but I have never missed a flight before. We were on the last leg of the trip waiting for the connecting flight. The PDs and writers had no time to pay attention because they were busy interviewing me and filming. That’s why I took on the role of Guide Park and was trying to organize and take care of things.  I guess I was trying to show my leadership skills (laugh). We went to eat and when I checked the time it was 5:50.  Boarding was until 6:20. When I checked the boarding passes and boarding gate, the information didn’t match. It said gate A0 when we actually had to be at gate A30, so you could say we ran for our lives. Even the airline employee we passed by told us to hurry. We really ran with all our might and arrived at the gate prior to gate closing time at 6:07 but they told us we couldn’t board because the captain had already signed the passenger manifest and left (pouts).

Seeing as though you memorized the time schedule to the precise minute, it must really have been quite a shock.

Yes.  Everyone was relying on me so I was really at a loss what to do. This was going to cause a discrepancy in the planned budget. I really tried to appeal to them and asked them to let us board, telling them that “according to the scheduled boarding time, there is still time left, so why can’t we board?” But on the inside, I was thinking all sort of things like asking myself “what do I do know?  Should I just cry?” But they adamantly denied us and coldly told us to just come back in the morning. But I was very grateful that when I arrived in Africa everyone welcomed me warmly and Na PD even said I went through a lot to get to Africa.

How did you feel when you were kidnapped for Youth Over Flowers?  Everyone was talking about how courteous you were.

At first I was really scared. Actually, after I finished filming “Music Bank” for KBS2 I noticed the Youth Over Flowers car prior to getting into my car and thought “oh, I haven’t seen this type of car.”  There was a green light under the car so it was really kind of amazing.  I was wondering, “is that an optional feature too?”  But later Kyungpyo hyung called and said to turn around and I saw that the same car was behind us.  I got really scared and looked to the front, but my manager hyung was laughing. I got even more scared then and asked why I had to get into the other car. Afterwards [when people from the other car] got out of the car holding a camera I was wondering “what’s this?” and it was then that I realized what was happening. Afterwards I was just amazed with everything and felt honored. I’ve watched the Youth Over Flowers series faithfully before. I have thought: “I want to go on a trip too. If I were to be on that program, who would I go with?” I was really fortunate to go on this trip with the nice hyungs from R88 (EungPal).

How did you feel when you found out the trip destination was Africa?

When I found out the destination was Namibia, Africa, it seemed very strange and unfamiliar.  When one thinks of Africa, one gets a sense of something really alien.  But surprisingly Africa had many green forests and many animals.  It was an amazing experience.

What was most memorable about the trip? 

The sunset. The lilac lights of the sunset in the desert were really beautiful. The stars were also really a sight to see. The stars were really bright and shiny. The desert really was truly as I have seen in books and screensavers (laugh).There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and because there were no tall buildings the view was great.

We also want to hear about your memories of Phuket.

In the drama, I had more parts alone than with others.  I either went to the baduk club or played baduk.  For that reason, I was really glad to be able to spend time with the hyungs and sunbaes in Phuket.  There were many activities available in the resort, so I went parasailing, snorkeled and even rode a peanut boat.  I swam a lot too.  My face has gotten tanned since then.  In Phuket it got tanned and then in Africa it turned into chocolate milk(?).  It turned into a roasted egg(?) (laugh).

The picture with Lee Il Hwa was in the spotlight because you appeared close like a couple.

I saw that picture too.  I was amazed (laugh).  Sunbae has always taken care of me like a son.
 She has even said that her first choice for a son-in-law would be Taek.  I was grateful that she took good care me in Phuket too.  That picture looks like I was on a date with Il Hwa sunbae (laugh).  The other sunbaes went somewhere else so I walked around with Il Hwa sunbae and went to the beach with her as well.

[ POP-INTERVIEW PART 2 ] [ FEB 28, 2016 ] By Kim Na Hee ( )
TRANSLATED BY @ Fangurling

There is a pair that has been garnering a lot of public attention lately in TvN’s highly rated program “Youth Over Flowers – Africa.”  That pair are actors Park Bogum and Ryu Jun Yeol.  The two of them moved many people through their heartfelt discussion about their childhood while sitting together in the desert background of Dune 45 watching the sunrise. The pair is attracting a lot of attention particularly because in TvN’s “Reply 1988,” they were rivals in the hunt for Deok Sun’s (Haeri) husband.  This duo will move the viewers to tears by showing us a different type of friendship from that they portrayed in the drama.  We wondered how Park Bogum sees Ryu Jun Yeol.

Below is a Q&A with Park Bogum

The “husband hunt” this time around was particularly fierce.  How did you feel after it was established that Taek is the husband?

I found out because I received the wrong script.  I really didn’t think it was true.  I thought Deok Sun’s husband was Jung Hwan (Ryu Jun Yeol).  I was a little bewildered.  I thought, “It can’t be.  Is it really me? I guess there wasn’t a twist.”

From Park Bogum’s point of view, what is most attractive about Ryu Jun Yeol?

A scene as laid out in the script may already be quite moving, but hyung has the ability to act out the scene in a way that moves you even beyond the script. I thought, “I must learn a lot [from him]”.  He’s also a very affectionate person.  Prior to filming, we would often express our affection by sending each other hand hearts. But when we were filming Reply 1988 (EungPal), we were both really absorbed in our respective Jung Hwan and Taek characters so we stopped expressing affection that way.  During Youth Over Flowers though, we were able to resume [expressing our affection].  Hyung has leadership.  I think he has travelled a lot.  From hotel reservations to driving, the hyungs did almost everything.  I was very grateful that the hyungs were always taking care of me in the background, without my even noticing it.  I was very moved every time the hyungs called out “Bogum-ah”.  I felt good (laugh).

Through the Taek character in Reply 1988 you received a lot of love, more so than anyone else.  Are there similarities between the two of you?

I think the writer and the director selected a person who fits well with the character.  During the auditions, we had a lot of discussions about the kind of person I am.  I later learned that after they cast me as Taek, they modified the character in some ways.  Taek and I are most similar in that when we both focus on something, we really focus, and when we are interested in one thing, we both put all our energy into that one thing. We’re also similar in that when we fall for someone, we both fall deeply for that one person. Ah. I never told the writer this so I don’t know if she added this to the drama because she knew about it.  I also like milk. (Laugh).

When you were playing Taek, what are the characteristics that you most wanted to express?

I wanted to show the contrast between how he is when he plays baduk and how he is in his regular life. In particular, I wanted to show his maturity and precociousness when he plays baduk.  For about three months, I practiced baduk really hard whenever I had some free time.  Because my character was based on Master Lee Chang Ho, I even read his book. I also searched for and watched actual baduk match videos.  I tried to acquire basic knowledge of baduk and I also tried hard to catch the expressions of professional baduk players.  I don’t know if that is the reason, but I got quite ambitious about baduk. I wanted to act in a way such that even real baduk players would think “he plays well.”  Actually, it’s a pity because I don’t think I was able to act to that level.  (Laugh).  The character was also ambidextrous because Master Lee Chang Ho is ambidextrous. It’s a rule of baduk that even if you are left-handed, you must play baduk with your right hand. That is why Taek is also ambidextrous (like Master Lee Chang Ho). I also tried to purposefully speak slowly and unhurriedly.  If I were to point to another thing, people who tend to concentrate deeply tend to get startled quite easily when they hear loud sounds.  So I tried hard to express that.

Why do you think Reply 1988 has received so much love from the public?

I think it’s thanks to the writer and the director.  I hadn’t even been born in 1988 so I didn’t know anything about that period but I was able to feel the sensibilities of the time through reading the script.  I was very moved every time I saw it and you can feel the warmth and affection even through just reading the text. Moment to moment to moment, I thought each scene was the best scene.  I got really lucky (laugh).

You have met both of TvN’s star directors Shin Won Ho PD and Na Young Seok PD. 

They are very warm people and fun to be around. I was amazed when I met Na Young Seok PD for the first time.  I was also thankful to appear in a series that one only ever hears about. I think Na Young Seok PD really goes for the natural. He shows it really like it is.  They are both funny and fun to be around. They are gentle but also have a lot of charisma. They have the ability to unite people in their thoughts and express it through their actions.  I have never seen them get angry. Shin Won Ho PD in particular is like that.

Was your dream originally to be an actor?

When I was a sophomore in high school I thought about what my dream was. I thought about what it was I could do that I could enjoy my work and I thought that since I liked to sing and dance, I wanted to become a singer/songwriter.  I sent a demo tape to a big company, but the director of my current company told me to become an actor instead.  He told me that “if you become an actor, you could sing an OST track and acting in musicals is also a possibility.” I liked that because I thought it offered many options. Now I am really glad that I became an actor.

So we may listen to Park Bogum’s music someday.

My skills are still not good enough. I don’t even know how to write music properly yet.  But even so, sometimes I record melodies that come to me. (Laugh).

Have you chosen your next project?  Is there a particular role that you would like to portray? 

I am not sure about the next project yet. I’m excited and looking forward to my next project, but it is also true that I feel a heavy weight on my shoulders as well. But this is the work that I wan to do and I want to find a project where I can show a side of myself that even I haven’t discovered yet. Because at the moment, I am in the process of finding out what it is that I can do well.

In the future when you are much older, what is it that you would like to hear about you as an actor?

There are so many things that I would like to hear.  But if I had to reduce it to one thing, I would like to hear that “Park Bogum is an actor beside whom I would like to work.” This is a goal for the very distant future, but someday I would like to hear them say that “Park Bogum is a very warm person and an actor who has inspired and been a good influence on many people.”

Please provide some parting words for your fans.  

I am very thankful to all the fans who have sent me so much love and who have expressed such an interest in me.  I don’t know through what kind of project I will be able to meet them again in future, but in the next project I hope to show them better acting and improve myself more and more.   I will also maintain this feeling of gratitude and always try hard to be a grounded person


[ INTERVIEW ] PARK BOGUM “Half worried and half looking forward to next piece of work…Feels burdened too”
[ MAR 4, 2016 ]


I think sincerity can be heard through a person’s voice. Re-listening to the recorded interview, I can feel the possibility of overlooking the sincerity of speaker behind the handsome appearance and neat attire. A year after KBS2 drama ‘Cantabile Tomorrow’ interview, I met with Park Bogum (23), an actor who turned a star with tvN drama ‘Reply 1988’ and tvN ‘Youth Over Flowers (Africa)’. Like a year ago, Park Bogum is still thankful over many things happening and speaking gently. In addition, he has now grown into a young man with definite directions.

“I do not think of myself as very popular. Thanks to ‘Reply 1988’, it is merely more people knowing my name and finding out about me compared to the past. As trivial matters can turn into an issue, I think I need to be more careful. I am spending efforts to think deeper before taking actions. I am also thinking of how I should appear next as an actor, after ‘Reply 1988’. I am curious as well. There are times when I feel burdened because I wish to live up to the expectations of the people who are showering me with attention. I am thinking, ‘Will I be able to touch someone with my acting.’ Though I am in a state of half worried and half looking forward, I hope to continue working hard like now.”


The drama ‘Reply 1988’ that gives Park Bogum high popularity is based in Ssangmun-dong alley in year 1988. As a native of Seoul Mokdong, Ssangmun-dong is a mysterious and warm place to him. To act as Choi Taek at a time that is even before his birth, he listened to many songs in the 80s – 90s.

“It is awkward to say I am a native of Seoul Mokdong. (Laugh) Mokdong, in my memory as a child, was a very busy neighbourhood. People taking care of and being considerate to each other in Ssangmun-dong feels like it is something long ago. I started by listening to Cho Yongpil’s ‘I Hope It Would Be That Way Now’ to look for feelings of that time. There were many masterpieces. I really like ‘Reply 1988’ OST, ‘Together’ by Noel.”


He filmed his first kiss scene since debut in ‘Reply 1988’. About the ‘Powerful Kiss’ that made news, he said, “There is difference in lips that touched in the dream of year 1988 and the kiss in year 1994. It is expressing deeper relationship between Sung Deoksun (Hyeri) and Choi Taek. I wanted it to appear cool.” He shyly added, “I am thankful that director Shin Wonho was able to capture it well.”

Park Bogum repeatedly expressed his thankfulness to director Shin Wonho and the staff throughout the interview. I become curious as to how he is like when angry.

“I do not want to lose my temper but when I do, I am the silent style. Truthfully, most of the time it is my fault. I keep quiet in order not to tick the other party off. If I tick the person off, he will probably get more angry. (Laugh)”


As the youngest in the family with elder brother and sister, and taken good care of by family, it is probably why Park Bogum is mild tempered.

“We do not quarrel a lot among siblings. My brother and sister are older than me by more than 10 years. They give in to me a lot. They have experiences on things I do not know and I am always learning. They are people I can depend on. My father and I are very different from the father in ‘Reply 1988’ with Choi Taek. I tell my father everything. I share everything that happened in the day. Father is like a friend, but will point me in the right direction when needed to.”


Park Bogum has extraordinary passion for learning. Though there are interests in his next piece of work after ‘Reply 1988’, instead of leave of absence, he was concerned with course enrollment. He said his biggest worry is, “Failed to enroll in the liberal arts course that I wanted to attend the most. To watch out for the revised period..” He said, ” There are a lot to learn so I go to school. I want to stand on the musical stage.”

“I am learning musical as major in school. During my year 2, I was able to try performing through my theatrical studies. It was Anton Chekhov’s ‘The Proposal’. Though it was my first time performing, it was similar experience to ‘Cantabile Tomorrow’. A terrifying experience where everything has to be well noted of. If I study the play in depth… No! I do not even know acting well. I will take one step at a time to learn acting. (Laugh) I have 2 years left until graduation. I will start proper learning from vocalisation and I have strong desire to challenge by appearing on TV, movie and the stage.”

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