[ JAN 28, 2016 ] By Hwang So Young ( hwang.soyoung@joins.com)

Hyeri is a leading actress in her 20s. She found the perfect role for her in “Answer Me 1988” and that’s Deok-seon.

She could easily become arrogant as she is one of the most wanted stars in the entertainment business but she’s deeper than that. “I realized as I was in the middle of “Answer Me 1988” that the more I am prepared, the better the results are. So I think it’s better to take the time to get ready for something instead of doing it in a hurry”.

Hyeri thought of her Girl’s Day members before she thought of what was in front of her and she also wanted to take things slow instead of start something in haste. She seemed to be in a different world as “Answer Me 1988” but at the same time she put down her responsibilities as the main actress of a three-series drama, she matured just that much more.

“Answer Me 1988” is over, how do you feel?

“I’m glad and sad at the same time. I’m happier, I think. It took 7 months to make the drama but a year to prepare. I am relieved that it’s over”.

What did you think about when the last scene was filmed?

“I cried a lot at the thought that I won’t be coming to Ssangmundong anymore, not being able to see the staff anymore and not being able to see Deok-seok anymore. I cried a lot”.

It must have been pressuring for you to be Deok-seon

“This drama was a very popular one and there were many parts I had to be in charge of so I did feel pressure. However, everyone helped me out a lot”.

There was criticism about bad casting from the beginning

“However, the script was really good and the director did a good job in making it what it has become. I didn’t worry too much”.

You won’t be able to forget director Shin Won-ho

“It was great. He is so gentle and kind. He has so much love for every single character and I realized why his drama was so successful”.

Was it easy to become Deok-seon?

“The director said he saw me on TV a lot and that I was very similar to her. I couldn’t agree with that so I argued. Then I watched myself on TV once again at home and I saw Deok-seon. I was her. I focused on bringing out myself while I played Deok-seon. The director and I talked about the character at least twice a week”.

How was working with your friends in Ssangmundong? You seemed very friendly on TV and real life

“I was anxious at first because they were close and I wasn’t. But they took real nice care of me”.


You seem to have chemistry with Ryoo Hye-yeong

“I thought it was important that found chemistry with her more than others. Being sisters alone makes us family but we are also the closest friends. We might seem like enemies but we are the strongest allies. So we cried the most together at the end of the drama”.

People say it’s a shame Deok-seon didn’t express her emotions more in the romance bit

“Deok-seon is a loveable child but it upset me to think she was being criticized. I wish the gap of emotion she felt for Seon-woo (Ko Kyeong-pyo), Jeong-hwan (Ryu Jun-yeol) and Taek (Park Bo-geom) was slightly more obvious. It’s my fault really for not being able to do that. It hurts me to think that people say ‘Deok-seon is wrong’ more than ‘Hyeri did a bad job’. Deok-seon always wanted to be good to Taek. If only she’d expressed that more in the beginning…”

Who should the viewers have chosen? Taek or Jeong-hwan?

“No one could have satisfied anyone. I think the results would’ve been the same”.


[ JAN 28, 2016 ] By Hwang So Young ( hwang.soyoung@joins.com)

Hyeri is a leading actress in her 20s. She found the perfect role for her in “Answer Me 1988” and that’s Deok-seon.

She could easily become arrogant as she is one of the most wanted stars in the entertainment business but she’s deeper than that. “I realized as I was in the middle of “Answer Me 1988” that the more I am prepared, the better the results are. So I think it’s better to take the time to get ready for something instead of doing it in a hurry”.

Hyeri thought of her Girl’s Day members before she thought of what was in front of her and she also wanted to take things slow instead of start something in haste. She seemed to be in a different world as “Answer Me 1988” but at the same time she put down her responsibilities as the main actress of a three-series drama, she matured just that much more.

The kiss you had with Park Bo-geom was the first kiss scene you had in a drama

“I wondered what would make the hotel kiss scene the prettiest. I thought about the smallest details; if I should hold the chair or not and things like that. The first kiss had to be sweet and innocent as if in a dream and the hotel kiss needed more power. The car kiss was sweeter. It was embarrassing at first but I got used to the fact that it was just part of the acting”.

What’s your favorite scene?

“I remember the part where we had Hye-yeong’s birthday party. That was when I cried as the second daughter of the family and said I like fried eggs too. I think that’s my favorite scene as I spend the previous night up worrying about it”.

What’s the most touching scene?

“There’s a scene where the teacher tells me there’s no university I can go to and my mother tells me to study on the way back home. Deok-seon runs up to her mother and says, “Did you give up on me? I am Soo-hyeon, not Deok-seon”. It was a heart breaking scene”.

Is there anything you learned through “Answer Me 1988”?

“I want to be in other dramas with people who get along just like we did here”.

What do you call your mother (Lee Il-hwa) and father (Seong Dong-il) in real life?

“I was Deok-seon so they are my mother and father. They helped me make great memories and I was so happy with them. I might continue calling them mother and father. I am grateful to them. ‘Father’ told me a lot of good things. I gave me advice saying that “Answer Me 1988” will not last forever. It came from experience so I trust him”.

How were your real parents’ reactions?

“They are the same age as Deok-seon as they were all born in 1971 so they related even more”.

The image of Deok-seon could be shackles to you in the future

“I think I’ve only come 5 steps out of 100. I think I’m beginning to get the hang of acting and I learned a lot from this experience. An image is all about the making but Deok-seon was just me. She changes with me and that will become more natural as we age. I don’t want to change anything right now”.

Do you have siblings?

“I’m the first. I have a younger sister who told me I was like Seong Bo-ra and that I was mean. She says I would have been better as Seong Bo-ra. Hye-yeong is second in her family so that’s why we related to each other even more”.

Do you have plans for New Years?

“We plan on going on a family vacation. I will tell you what’s next after that. This is the first time our family is going abroad together”.



[ JAN 28, 2016 ] By yesrang@hankyung.com
Translated by chickfactor

It wasn’t a day like every day. The day that “Eung-Pal” (R88) aired was like a party day with lots of tasty delicacies. The Ssang-Mun-Dong Four: Jung-Hwan, Taek, Sun-Woo and Dong-Ryong received the reply of ladies who enjoyed them from their living room theaters. Four types of boys who comprised a fantasy that you could not refuse.

The object of the most envy: Hyeri’s work environment. For 3 months, Duk-Sun experienced these four men in detail, so we asked her. If she had to pick among these four boys, who would she pick? Of course, in the series, she picks Taek.

“I rested well,” she said, and smiled brightly. Her skin was more tanned and her teeth were large and white, and you couldn’t help but smile along with her. The viewers must have felt the same way, it is a healthy smile that makes you feel happy. We finally meet the heroine of R88.

After shooting wrapped, the cast and crew all went to Phuket. As soon as she returned, she began her killer schedule. Rather than Hyeri the actress, she is still receiving love as her character, Duk-Sun. We can hear from her about the still hot topic: Uh-Nam-Ryu and Uh-Nam-Taek.

R88 received lots of love from both men and women, old and young. But the “husband hunt” was the biggest factor in its historic ratings.

Having loved Sun-Woo in the beginning, Jung-Hwan in the middle, and Taek at the end, her heart fluttered for more men than any other Reply heroine. Her character was even criticized for being inconsistent. But the tenacious and ardent love between Duk-Sun and Taek managed to convince 1/2 the viewers. The show did not manage to convince the other 1/2, who are, of course, those in the “Uh-Nam-Ryu” group, who have been very steadfast.

She is frequently asked about the husband hunt. But obviously she can’t say that she is “Uh-Nam-Ryu” side. But she also can’t disregard the feelings of the viewers, either. So she has to speak carefully, and we must understand if her words sound vague. We must understand both Hyeri and Duk-Sun’s perspectives. She did make sure to add that the entire story has already been lucidly told by the writer’s vision.

“There was no end result that would make everyone happy. No matter what the result was, there were bound to be someone who was unhappy.”

She emphasized Duk-Sun’s innocence. DS was young and innocent and confused, and in that state of mind, when someone told her, “He likes you,” she believed it and began to like him back.

She said, “You cannot say that is not love. It was puppy love, like an unripe apple.”

When DR asked her, “Who do you like?” that was when she had a realization. If you think about it, she always had a special awareness towards Taek. “Is he dressed warmly enough? Has he eaten? Did he take medicine before he slept?”

“Duk-Sun herself was not aware of her special awareness of Taek. I believe it was the same for the audience, too. It is regretful that we were not able to convince all the viewers.”

hyeri hankyung2

When asked which boy she would pick to love, if she only had the 4 boys to choose from – her answer: “That might seem like a good selection to the rest of the world, but it’s actually pretty difficult for Duk-Sun. One boy does nothing (JH), one boy only knows baduk (Taek), one boy just makes everyone laugh (DR). The last boy is the worst because he likes Bora (SW).” So she wishes she can only mix the good parts, and if such a guy existed, she would really marry him.

As a result of the show, all the stars experienced increased popularity, and many were envious of Hyeri’s work environment, because she was always surrounded by these boys.

“Aside from Park Bogum, they were all older than me, so they treated me well, like a little sister.”

She was worried because the other actors knew each other from before, so she worried she might not get along with them. But everyone got along really well. The staff would ask them to stop playing and start shooting.

She was worried that this was her first lead role. She would ask if her performance would turn out well. But all the Oppas would encourage her and say, “Our Duk-Sun is doing well. She’s the best!” She feels that she learned a lot and made sure to give thanks.

She told us what she was happiest to hear while shooting this drama.

“I think viewers know when the cast members are really good friends. So when I heard that the viewers say that R88 family got along well, it made me the most happy and proud.”

It looks like Hyeri has gained a valuable career and a strong supporting team (with her experience in R88.)



[ JAN 28, 2016 ]
By Kim Young Jin
Translated by fangurling

In a recent end of series interview with Asia Today regarding tvN’s “Reply 1988” (Script Lee Woo Jung • Production Shin Won Ho), Hyeri opened by saying that the kiss scene between Duk Seon (Hyeri) and Taek (Park Bogum) was really embarrassing.

“Actually, this was my very first kiss scene.  Park Bogum was calm and collected but I was really embarrassed and made a big deal of it by myself,” said Hyeri, and, smiling, added that “but afterwards I realized that a kiss scene is really no different from any other scene and calmed down.” She revealed that “it really felt like I was acting because in my head I was so focused on how I would express the tremors one feels when being kissed.”

“Actually, when I filmed the wall scene with Ryu Jun Yeol (Kim Jung Hwan) we were still in the early stages of filming so it wasn’t that embarrassing.  But I had already become close with Park Bogum when we filmed the kiss scene so it was really embarrassing.  When asked if things became awkward afterwards, she replied smiling,“wouldn’t things becoming awkward be even more weird?”

Hyeri, who played the second daughter of soulful Sung Dong-Il and Lee Il Hwa and who was crushed by older sister Sung Bora (Ryu Hye Young) and knocked down by younger brother Sung Noeul (Choi Sung Won), said “I didn’t think I was similar to Deok Sun. I think I’m like Deok Sun only in that I’m cheerful, bubbly and lively.  There are also times when I think, ‘I’m not dumb’.”  But the way I see myself is different from how others see me.  Coming to that realization was a bit hard for me.  It wasn’t easy for me to play Deok Sun because Deok Sun and I similar. The process for me to get to know Deok Sun was the same as it would have been for any other actor.

“Reply 1988,” whose finale was this past January 16[2016], portrayed five boisterous and comic families living in the same block starring Hyeri, Park Bogum, Ryu Jun Yeol, Ryu Hye Young, Go Kyungpyo, Sung Dong-Il and Lee Il-Hwa.  The show ended on a high note, surpassing 18% in viewership ratings (Nielsen Korea, EuroPlatform ratings).


[ JAN 28, 2016 ] By Kim Hee Gyeong
Translated by Ahn Woorim

Hyeri’s clear and innocent eyes, mischievous words and comfortable smile seem like she just put down burdens.

She revealed herself as a 23-year-old lady during the interview with bntnews and made a bright atmosphere by talking about her drama ‘Reply 1988’.

Since previous ‘Reply’ series made great hits, the mass public worried about its third series: whether it will make a hit or not. Hyeri mentioned, “I thought I was not able to make it” and flashed back the old moments. She also revealed that she couldn’t be casted in the drama as the female leading role.

“Actually, when I went to the audition, I doubted myself. At that time, ‘Reply 1988’ became a hot issue and its previous series received much love from the mass public. I doubted it, so I went to the audition site with a thought ‘Let’s just see who in the world makes it’. During the audition, I just told what I thought frankly and the director said, ‘Your words come from your intestines, not your brain.’ I think he thought my frank sides fit well to Duk Sun.”


Since Hyeri was born in 1994, she wasn’t able to acknowledge the sense of 1988. However, ‘Reply 1988’ caught all the generations and became ‘nation drama’ arousing sympathies from them. She also said, “Everything was luck” and delivered her appreciation.

“I was so happy to live as Sung Duk Sun from Ssangmun-dong in 1988. It was very meaningful to feel 1988’s heartwarming sense. I think it will be remained as a good memory to live in a warmhearted place and that’s something that you can’t feel these days.”

Hyeri appeared in the drama as the second daughter Duk Sun living in a semi-basement room of Ssangmun-dong with a bad-tempered older sister Bora and one and only son No Eul. Duk Sun lacks feminine sides since she grew up with four childhood friends, but received a lot of love from the neighborhoods with her lovely and kind characteristics. Hyeri also mentioned, “Duk Sun is a lovely girl rather than a pretty one” and revealed her affection for the character.

“All her behaviors are pretty. She takes care of her friends and received love from others, but she doesn’t know herself. I really wanted to express the character well. I deeply thought how to deliver this lovely character to the audiences.”

“Duk Sun wanted to look pretty, but she was clumsy in every way. She didn’t know anything well. Although she hated her sister, she secretly used her sister’s things to look beautiful. When she put a makeup on her face, she thought the much, the prettier. So she put eye shadow too much on her eyelids.”

Actually, Hyeri’s acting career didn’t begin with ‘Reply 1988’. She challenged various genres by appearing in JTBC ‘Seonam Girls High School Investigators’ and SBS ‘Hyde, Jekyll, Me’. However, the mass public was cold to her acting. However, she in ‘Reply 1988’ never made the audiences mention anything about her acting skills. Did she have any special tips to drag such opposite feedbacks? She pondered for a while and said, “I don’t know how to say.”

“I think acting is difference of preparation. Anyways, I’m an idol and I didn’t start my career as an actress. As much as that, I needed time to prepare for acting, but in the previous dramas, I didn’t have enough time to prepare for it. That’s why I’m sorry to the viewers for giving discomforts to watch my previous dramas.”

“Of course, I did my best in ‘Reply 1988’ as much as I did for the previous ones, but I thought efforts were not all as I talked to the director much. I learned I needed to get friendly with my character.”


The most important part of ‘Reply 1988’ was the ending. During the interview, she got a question, “Do you like the ending?” and she laughed hard and added, “All the reporters are asking exactly the same questions” and made all the people laugh.

“Personally, I liked it because the ending was sad. I accepted it as reminiscing the old moments by going back to Ssangmun-dong and it was impressive and touching. I liked it.”

To the question, “Then, how about your husband?” and Hyeri made a big laughter by saying, “I knew it.” Many opinions went over about Duk Sun’s husband that became a hot issue and Hyeri said, “Was it worth that much?” and became surprised.
She added, “Duk Sun wouldn’t know what she was thinking.”

“It would be better if Duk Sun was more detailed. Since I didn’t know who the husband was, so I tried my best not to be on only one’s side, but if the viewers are complaining about it, then it’s my fault. Duk Sun was so innocent that she moved her mind in passive way when she heard that someone liked her. She was a young character realized ‘That might be it’ after she heard an advice from Dong Ryong ‘You might like someone’.”

“Duk Sun was so young and she was in her adolescent. She didn’t even know her feelings. I don’t think that’s bad since she was at the age that might happen. She took care of Taek at the first place and that was her feelings. But, since she didn’t know about it, I might not realize about it.”


She earned many things rather than popularity as an actress. A modifier ‘idol actress’ might be a burden for her. Hyeri took a cautious attitude and said, “I’m trying not to be greedy about acting.”

“It doesn’t make sense when I hurry for my next work. Rather than taking the leading role since I’ve already done it, I want to act for my next work with a character that I like. Rather than the character, I want to meet good people through it.”

“Through ‘Reply 1988’, I met many good people and it is a big appreciation to meet Duk Sun. I knew 1% about acting and now I know 5%.”

For the last, she automatically called Duk Sun’s name when she heard a question asking “Do you have any words for Duk Sun?” This part is the one how much she cared and loved her character.

“Dear Duk Sun, I was so happy to act your character for almost a year and I thought I became lovely because of you. I want you to be happy all the time and I hope you be loved since everyone loves you. Take care always and stay healthy.” (photo by bntnews DB)



[ JAN 28, 2016 ]
By sojungpark@yna.co.jr

SEOUL, Jan. 28 (Yonhap) — Singer Hyeri, who played the very lovely Deokson on the tvN hit drama “Reply 1988,” has spoken up about the show’s controversial ending.

Just like “Reply 1988” fans, Hyeri says she was baffled by the unexpected turn of events.

“Well … you know Deokseon’s history. I didn’t ‘change’ the course of the story per se, but I was really conflicted as to how I’d deliver that to viewers,” she told Yonhap News Agency in an interview earlier this week.

The member of the girl group Girl’s Day says she first learned about Deokseon’s future husband when she read the script for the 16th episode “The Irony Called Life – Part 1,” when Choi cancels a meeting with Deokseon at the last minute. Hyeri didn’t understand why that upset Deokseon so much.

“When producer Shin Won-ho told me, ‘It’s cuz he’s her future husband,’ I got really concerned actually,” she said. “Mr. Shin said it was natural for me to feel confused. He said Deokseon is, too.”

Hyeri’s explanation was that such ambivalence was to be expected from a 16-year-old.

“I guess Deokseon didn’t know what she was feeling herself, and viewers got really immersed in the tumultuous emotions a girl experiences at that age,” she said.

When asked who she would have chosen if she really were Deokseon, Hyeri, like Deokseon, was equivocal.

“I want a person who is half like Kim and half like Choi,” she said, laughing. “Both are great people. They’re such good friends. But they both have flaws, too. Jeong-hwan doesn’t like to express his feelings, which would be annoying to a woman. But with Taek, I’d have to be very sensitive with everything. So I want someone who has a little bit of both.”



Hye-ri was just a member of K-pop girl group Girls Day until about a year ago, but after the success of her TV series “Reply 1988,” she has become a force to reckon with.

Now Hye-ri commands earnings of W10 billion just from commercials (US$1=W1,206).

“When I went to audition for the role in ‘Reply 1988,’ the director said he was curious to see if the persona on TV is real me,” Hye-ri recalls. He was referring to a reality show about military life where celebrities enter a military unit.

Hye-ri appeared in the show in 2014 and charmed viewers with her amiable disposition. “I didn’t have high expectations of the audition, so I was quite relaxed. But the director heard my story and told me that what he saw on TV was what I’m really like.”

Though born in 1994, Hye-ri says the world of the late 1980s where the nostalgic soap is set is not entirely foreign to her.

“I used to live in rural Gwangju when I was young, and it was similar there,” she said. “I didn’t know we were poor when I was little. It was natural to ask for food from next-door neighbors when you didn’t have any, and it was a really close-knit community, so I didn’t find playing the part odd at all.”

Perhaps because of that background, Hye-ri saved up diligently since she debuted with Girls Day in 2011, and has now found a nice apartment for her family. “I didn’t care about looking stupid or ugly in ‘Reply 1988’,” she says.

She meticulously planned how ridiculous she should look and act and how loudly to project her voice, and studied old-fashioned hairstyles and makeup from the era. “I thought when I need to look ugly, I should do it right, because otherwise viewers wouldn’t be able to connect with the drama. In any case I had to nothing to lose.”

Lately she has only managed to sleep three to five hours a night due to her tight schedule, but she was still one of the liveliest people in the cast. She even kept her diary every day, a habit she started a year after her debut because she realized she did not remember anything in the showbiz whirl.

Already she has filled five notebooks, mostly reflecting on her performances “This is all possible because I keep my physical stamina high. I think staying strong and healthy is the most important thing in my job.”

HYERI: Being called a “Geum-Sa-Ppa” is more hurtful than being called “ugly”
[ FEB 8, 2016 ] By Gwon Hyeon Jin
Translated by chickfactor

(A “Geum-Sa-Ppa” [금사빠] means “‘금방 사랑에 빠지는 사람’의 줄임말. 쉬운 남자나 쉬운 여자를 일컫는 말이다.”
Someone who falls in love easily, someone who is “easy”)

The husband-hunt of “Eung-Pal” became a contest that gained more and more interest as time passed. At about the half-way point, a majority of viewers thought Ryu Jun Yeol would be the husband, but when Park Bo Gum became the husband, the voices of opposition were more than a few.

Hyeri says, “I found out just a little bit before the viewers did. I didn’t understand why Deoksun was behaving a certain way, so I asked the PD.”

“I was worried and confused that maybe I made a mistake with my acting. After finding out who the husband was, I made more effort to be convincing.
Even if people said, “Hyeri is ugly and can’t act,” it was more hurtful to me to hear “Deok-Sun is ‘Geum-Sa-Ppa.'”
“I would feel guilty that I made Deok-Sun unlikeable.”

About the love line with Junghwan, “(Deoksun was) a child who thirsted for love. She begins to love him after hearing that he likes her. The love she had for Junghwan was a young, pretty, fresh love, I think.”

“Deoksun and Taek’s beginning is different. Since they were young, Taek was someone who distracted her and she had to take care of him, she was always curious about him. It took her some time to realize that this was love.”

“Both guys treated me like a little sister and adored me and encouraged me. If I felt uncomfortable with either one of them, I think it would have been difficult. All the Ssang-Mun-Dong friends feel like we’ve all become good friends with no awkwardness.”

Ryu Jun Yeol has said that Hyeri cried a lot during his confession scene. About this, Hyeri said, “As soon as I read the script, I was so sad that I thought, oh no. Not from Deoksun’s perspective, but Hyeri’s perspective, I pitied Junghwan for never getting to express his love. And it was sad to think that this was goodbye for us. I made an effort to not meet Ryu Jun Yeol’s eyes because I thought it would make it difficult for him. But through my ears, the lines in the script made me cry even more.”

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