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By Ho Yi Gyeon
TRANSLATED BY @ goonggeumhani


About the husband:

Since I’m Taekie’s dad, I want Taek and Deoksun to end up together. But Junghwan is good too. Honestly, I want Deoksun to be with the guy she likes.”

About Park Bogum and Ryu Joonyeol:

“Bogummie and Junyeolie both get into character well. Bogummie’s like that because of his character, but in real life, he’s really cheerful. He calls me ‘Dad’ – it’s cute. I think Bogum and Junyeol are both good hoobaes and actors. If the chance arises, I want to do another project with the both of them. Even when Bogummie stands still, he has the charisma to convey his emotions, and Junghwanie is strong and doesn’t get pushed aside. If I was a director, I’d cast the both of them too.”

About who he’d want as a daughter-in-law in real life of the four female characters:

I like Deoksunie – it’s enjoyable to watch her. She smiles often and the way she talks is so pleasant. In my home, that kind of character would fit right in. I don’t think Bora, Mi Ok or Jahyun’s personalities are weird either though – they’d all make good daughter-in-law.

To the viewers:

“I wish people wouldn’t get caught up in just finding Deoksun’s husband. It’s important to find her husband, but I hope people watch over the other characters as well. Aren’t you curious about how things pan out for Jungbong, Dongryong and Noeul in the future? For me, I’ll be curious about whether Jungbongie gets accepted to university until the moment his story ends.



[ DEC 29, 2015 ]
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On the husband:

“Noeul is hoping that the husband is Taek, because Junghwan is ‘Gae Jungpal’ (laugh). Even if it’s just one, wouldn’t it better to have a brother-in-law that takes care of you? Last time, Taek even gave him a banana. At Noeul’s age, wouldn’t he hope for a star brother-in-law that’s on TV and newspapers? So Noeul recommends Taek as his brother-in-law. But as Choi Sungwon who’s in his thirties, I like Junghwan. It seems like girls won’t like husbands that are too busy. Reflecting real-life, I like Junghwan, who has a normal job and is a husband that’s like a friend.”

On how similar he is to his character:

“That’s the beauty of the casting. Shin Wonho PD largely casts actors that resemble the characters the most. It’s ok even if you’re not great at acting. I like that you can immerse yourself comfortably.”

On getting hit by his noonas:

“Noeul does and says things that deserve hittings from his noonas (laugh). Ryu Hyeyoung and Hyeri’s passion for acting on the set is amazing. Hyeyoungie practices rigorously for 30 minutes at a time to familiarize herself with the script, and searches for perfection. It’s to that point that the director tells her to stop. And Hyeri is doing great too. Everyone is working hard to the point that they all deserve applause.”

On his loveline in the drama being over:

“It’s such a shame. I don’t think I’ll have anymore romance in the future.”

On discovering the charms of acting while doing theatre and musicals (and wishing to become an actor like Lee Soonjae, who still receives love as he ages):

“Honestly, it’s still a bit awkward for me to have the title “Actor” next to my name. I’ll continually work hard in order to become a good actor. But, I want to become an warm actor who reciprocates happily when people approach to greet me.”


[ JAN 1, 2016 ]
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tvN’s ‘Answer Me 1988‘ star Lee Dong-hwi showed off his soft appeals in his recent pictorial, which will make you feel like as if he’s your sweet boyfriend.

Lee Dong-hwi transformed into a sweet and intelligent boyfriend for his pictorial photoshoot with the style magazine The Star.

He, who is well-known as a fashionista, asked about brands and purchase place of the fashion pieces prepared in the studio.

During the following interview, Lee Dong-hwi said, “You won’t be able to improve as a good actor if you’d be jealous of others just because they appear in a lot of dramas or movies. I’d like to play a role with which I can show my other sides I haven’t had a chance to show so far rather than landing a bigger role”.

More of his interviews can be seen in The Star January & February issue. The making film and the behind-the-scenes stories also will be revealed at The Star’s home page later on.


[ JAN ISSUE, 2016 ] TRANSLATED BY @ goonggeumhani

Answer 1988 is even more popular than its predecessors, there must be more people that recognize you – can you feel your popularity?

“There are people that recognize me on the streets now. It’s fascinating and I’m thankful, but I’m trying not to get too swept up by this. Just like the sin and cos function, if popularity rises, then the must be times when it falls as well.”

Your thoughts are mature compared to your age. In what ways are you similar to Sung Bora?

“Honestly, I’m very similar to Sung Bora. I’m more of a rational thinker and am terrible at expressing my feelings. There are obviously parts of me that are shy around strangers and parts that are selfish too. I’m the type that’s bright, but when I’m by myself, I think a lot.”

Then what kind of person is Ryu Hyeyoung, The Actress?

“I still don’t have an exact definition. I’m still in the process of putting in the effort to understand me. The one thing I’m sure of is that I like stripes more than curves (laugh). If I have something bothering me, I don’t talk in a round-about way. I’m the type that has to tackle it straight on in order to resolve it. I’m similar to Bora in that regard. Ah, but Bora is more extreme and straightforward than me!”

Seeing as how different the times were, you must have had to read up while acting as Bora.

“In order to get to know 1988, I read books, watched movies and interviewed people in order to study. And in order to act as Bora, I kind of paid hommage to my unnie (laugh). I lived my whole life as a younger sibling, so when I watch the drama, I empathized with Deoksunie. Poor Deoksunie…”

I’m curious of your family’s response about AM1988.

“They watched everyday and send me text messages as a viewer. Today, I got a message from my mom saying, “Whoa, you’re finally kissing Kyungpyo?” (laugh). Recently, my parents and unnie built a house in Jejudo and moved. It’s a guesthouse, but they haven’t given it a name yet. Even though they’re far away, my parents and unnie are my most dependable supporters.”

The rough-around-the-edges Bora has started to date, how are you in real life when you date?

“It’s different depending on the person, but I’m the style to date while thinking the world revolves around us. I’m the style to match the other person well and fall right for him.”

I’m curious of your ideal type.

“A smart person who can wait for and respect me. More than anything else, I’d like it if it was a person with a lot of love. I’d like it even more if he was kind like Jungbong.”

What do you mostly do in your time alone?

“I’m the type find rest while listening to music and reading books at home. I’d find something to read or listen to a classic – my hobbies are really conventional, right? (laugh) I particularly like Gustav Mahler, so I go to watch shows by myself. Honestly, I’m the type to put in a lot of effort. Living as an actress, there are more times when things don’t go the way you want. During those times, you have to not fall over or be swept up in that. So I use these kinds of time in order to become a more mentally-strong Ryu Hyeyoung.”

When things don’t go the way you want or times are though, how do you recover?

“I’m not sure. There are a lot of difficult and tiring times. I consider these times as part of the plan. I think that, “If I do what I want, then these tough times were always a part of the plan, and I have to push past this in order to recover from this situation”. I think of the tough times as included – like one of the stages I have to get through.”

Vacations can be one of the solutions too.

“I like to enjoy vacations as vacations. Rather than going to a bunch of different places, I like to stay in one place for a long time. When I went to a city in Japan to visit, I stayed for one whole month. I went to the pool with the grandmas like a neighbourhood citizen, and went to eat at restaurants like a regular. Don’t you have to live like you’ve become a neighbourhood citizen in order for it to be a true vacation?”

What makes you happy when you focus on it?

“When I eat! When I’m sad, I always feel better if I eat. When I’m tired, I eat chocolate ice cream for sweets. The moment I put it in my mouth, all my negative feelings melt right up. I’m the type of person who has clear preferences, so there are things that I hate too. When I eat kimbap, I have to take out the carrot, and because it has a mushy texture, I’ve never tried eggplant before. I don’t think I’ll try it to the day I die.”

You eat well, but your body is slim – do you do a lot of exercise?

“I’ve been steadily doing pilates – it’s been half a year already. Two months into pilates, my body definitely changed. Even though there’s filming everyday, I make sure to go do pilates three times a week.”

Maybe it’s because you do a lot of exercise, but your skin is especially clear and smooth – what is your skincare know-how?

“I actually have a simple routine. Lately, my skincare is using toner to control my skin texture and putting on a lot of moisturizing cream like a mask. At the very least, I load up on the moisturizer. I bring water with me and drink it as I need to. I like fruits like mango and fig too.”

Just toner and moisturizer – it’s simpler than expected.

“My skin is really dry, so I make a lot of effort to keep it hydrated. When moisturizer isn’t enough, I use serum as a concentrated SOS product. La Roche Posay’s ‘Cicaplast Balm’ is especially creamy like ointment – it’s a must-have.  If you apply it before you sleep, your skin definitely has a sheen to it the next day.”

What do you pay most attention to?

“My lips. I have a thing where if my lips are dry, I can’t speak at all. That’s why my lips can’t be dry when I’m acting – I can’t spit out the script at all. That’s really weird, isn’t it?”

Then you must need lipbalm.

“In my bag is a given, and I have lipbalm in my car, coat pocket – everywhere here and there. I especially like Dior’s “Addict Lip Glow”. At first I tried an orange tone, and lately, I’ve tried lilac. I think pink matches me the best.”

Do you normally put on makeup?

“There’s AM1988 filming everyday without fail, so I have makeup on everyday. When there’s no filming, I give my skin some rest. But looking at the mirror, I can’t leave my eyebrows or lips alone. I do my eyebrows and tint my lips.”

What’s your complex?

“The moment you think of something as a complex, doesn’t it all become a complex? That’s why, lately, I tell myself that I’m pretty. Since everyone has their own charms.”

Then what’s you biggest charm?

“My heart’s pretty (laugh). I’m honestly still kind. I’m the type to approach things positively.”

What’s the first thing you plan to do after this drama is over?

“I have a couple of plans to go on vacation or act in another good project, but having things go completely not according to those plans is my plan that’s not a plan.”

There are people that get frustrated when things don’t go according to plan.

“Isn’t having a few plans here and there not go right the beauty of it? I look forward to plans and the times where they fall apart.”


[ JAN 22, 2016 ]
TRANSLATED BY @ goonggeumhani




What do you feel about winning the AM1988 Best Chemistry Couple amongst so many great candidates?

“I heard that more than 130000 people voted. I really very thankful that within that, people loved the Bora-Sunwoo couple so much. Even if that wasn’t the case, Sunwoo and I would say “Our couple is the best” and happily film, but since we never could even imagined receiving an award, we were surprised and happy! Having to leave Sunwoo-Bora is such a shame and sad, but to be able to remember it together with an award as good as this, I’m so happy.  And of course, I’m really thankful for the people that loved our couple.”

How was acting with Go Kyungpyo?

“I was really happy! During filming, he allowed me to get immersed in my acting and was really considerate of me too, so I was thankful. It was really comfortable too. When we were attending school, we’ve talked about how great it’d be if we’d both do well and do a good project together later on. I’m even more pleased because it seems like we’ve realized our promised wish from that time. I was really happy to do a project as good as this with a great friend.”

You had a lot of couple scenes. The two of you are originally close friends, so I’m curious of how the couple scenes were for you~

“From our own characters to the story until we ended up liking one another, it seems like it was written very firmly since episode 1. That’s why I think we were able to naturally immerse ourselves when filming the couple scenes. We enjoyed filming because we became Bora and Sunwoo, not Ryu Hyeyoung and Go Kyungpyo.”

What would be the defining scene of Bora-Sunwoo that Bora would pick?

“I loved every episode, every scene so much that it’d be hard for me to pick just one. I remember each and every scene even now. It seems like as Sunwoo and Bora dated while filling one another’s shortcomings and maturing. Because the two of them were like this, there was the scene where Bora comforts Sunwoo who couldn’t even let his sadness show at his father’s funeral, there was the talk Bora had with Sunwoo when he was upset because of his mother, and there was the image of Bora opening up about her feelings in front of Sunwoo. These warm and comforting scenes – I think they’ll all remain in my heart.”

Say a few words to the viewers and fans that loved Sunwoo-Bora!

“Thank you so much for loving us. It’s even more meaningful that you allowed me to keep on remembering Bora with this special award that you bestowed to us personally. I hope that you’ll remember us as a beautiful couple for a long, long time.”

What are your next plans?

“I plan to rest for a bit for as hard as I worked on ‘Answer Me 1988′. I’ll greet you again soon in a new project!”


What do you feel about winning the AM1988 Best Chemistry Couple amongst so many great candidates?

“I’m thankful for receiving love from so many people for Bora-Sunwoo, whom we’ve grown really attached to as we were acting.”

How was acting with Ryu Hyeyoung?

“It was such an honour and pleasure to have been able to act with an actress like Hyeyoungie. I relied on her a lot. There were a lot of things that I was sorry and thankful for. It feels like we’re being awarded for the time we spent together while we were young dreaming of becoming actors. I was happy. I’m so thankful for Hyeyoungie. We’ll keep supporting one another from the bottom of our hearts as good friends in the future too.”

You had a lot of couple scenes. The two of you are originally close friends, so I’m curious of how the couple scenes were for you~

“I don’t know… We used the fact that we’re close to our advantage. For the filming of the first kiss, we felt nervous and awkward, but after that, it became a natural couple’s kisses. The development was natural. We were able to film well because we knew each other well.”

What would be the defining scene of Bora-Sunwoo that Sunwoo would pick?

“They all seem like defining scenes. All of Bora and Sunwoo’s scenes were defining scenes… Even though there airtime wasn’t that long, they’re a couple that had a big impact and a good story. I believe that the viewers too felt more than what was shown.”

Say a few words to the viewers and fans that loved Sunwoo-Bora!

“It’s a shame to us too that we have to let Bora and Sunwoo go. I sincerely thank you for all the love, and hope that Bora and Sunwoo remain as a good memory and warmth for a long, long time. I’ll repay the love and concern received with good acting.”

What are your next plans?

“The movie ‘7 Year’s Night’. Please give it a lot of interest and love. And please be happy!”

Sports Kyunghyang Interview : [ PLS GO HERE FOR ALL PHOTOS ]
‘AM 1988 : LEE ILHWA’

[ JAN 25, 2016 ]
TRANSLATED BY: goonggeumhaji


AM1988 received the most love of all the Answer Me series – how do you feel about it being over?

At first, the realization that’s it’s over didn’t hit me. The moment I took off my wig after the last scene, I thought, “Ah, so relieving”, but when I got home, I felt a bit stunned. After filming ended, Deoksun, Bora and Noeul cried a lot. I wish that I cried then with them too.

This series focused more on family and the neighbourhood. Did you feel anything different while filming?

Honestly, when it was just the Dong Il and Ilhwa couple, the burden was big. But when Miran and Sunyoung’s family came, there was no room for loneliness. The stories became more colourful too. Since there were people who were good, I thought that I’d have to work harder too.

The mom’s chemistry was as good as the young actor’s. You even got the nickname ‘Ssangmundong’s TaeTiSeo’ – how was acting with Ra Miran and Kim Sunyoung?

I met the both of them for the first time in this drama. When I watched Sunyoungie’s movie ‘Clash of the Familes 2′, I thought, “Omo, who is that actress?”, and when I went to the first meeting, she was there. It was great to see her, of course. Ra Miran was the same. If I gained something from AM1988, it’d be meeting these two dongsaengs.

You had such a drastic transformation for your character, it seems like you would have had some burdens as well.

The director put in a lot of effort to make me look ugly (laugh). He gave me the darkest and most curly of the wigs. But once I let myself go, it was comfortable. And not just getting immersed into the character – normally I’d have to go the salon to get my makeup done everyday before filming, but going barefaced and wearing a wig without even having to do my hair, it was so comfortable.

Isn’t this the hardest Ilhwa had it in the Answer Me series?

Honestly, at first, I couldn’t understand. I wondered if there was a need to be so tough, but while I was acting, I couldn’t help but to nag. Not being able to give Deoksun some spending money for her class trip, the husband helping the less fortunate and buying things from them everyday as they drink together – it was really frustrating (laugh).

It’s your third time working with Sung Dong Il – how was it?

Sung Dong Il-sshi is a first place SBS Talent Fund sunbae – I was second. Now we understand each other just by looking at each other’s eyes. He coaches me a lot while acting too. Oppa is really sentimental. If he has time, he goes on vacation with his kids, and if the place he’s filming at is nice, he wants to show his kids. Watching him from the side, he’s an actor that I have a lot to learn from.

You have a lot of children in the Answer Me series – which finger hurts the most (who is your favourite)?

There isn’t one finger that doesn’t hurt if it’s bitten, but amongst them, I have affection for Bora. At the beginning, the director said there was a reason why Bora was like that. It didn’t air in the drama, but there were hidden things that were neglected with her dad. That’s why when I think of Bora, I feel sad.

As a mother of a daughter, who do you really want as a son-in-law?

Ehm… Taek (laugh). I like how gentle and innocent he is. If it’s this kind of son-in-law, it seems like he could make my daughter live peacefully and happily. Park Bogum is really kind and pure. That’s rare to see in a youth nowadays. When I said that I wanted Bogummie as a son-in-law in real life, he said, “Really, mom?” and smiled.

During 1988, you were Deoksun’s age – what kind of person was the 18 year old Lee Ilhwa?

I’m the same age as the 71-er Deoksunie (laugh). I was completely different from Deoksunnie. During class, I was afraid of being a disturbance, so even if I wanted to go to the washroom, I couldn’t even raise my hand. I was a really reserved child.

You’ve been acting for 20 years – are you still reserved?

I ended up acting because I wanted to change my reserved personality. I’m the type that takes some time to get close to new faces. That’s why I thought that I might match daily dramas more than short mini series. During AM1997, the director called me ‘Noona’, but this time, he called me ‘Sunbae-nim’. It’s been 3 years since 2012 – I wondered how closed off must I have been for that to have happened, so I reflected. I think it’s something that I have to keep working on.

I’m curious of how you ended up doing the Answer Me series.

It’s a role that ended up coming to me after being passed around by the likes of Jo Hyeryun-sshi, Ra Miran-sshi and Kim Sungryung-sshi. I was greedy for an acting transformation.

What are things you gained and lost as an actress in a series?

I gained so much. This is a project that was a turning point in my acting life, and that brought eyes and love to Lee Ilhwa as an actress again. There doesn’t seem to be anything that I lost.


[ JAN 29, 2016 ]

Your on-screen son, was not chosen as Deoksun’s husband. As his on-screen Mother I think you must feel regretful.

Sigh~ It really did hurt my heart. During the final stage (of the drama), why should he keep leaving to Sacheon. When I said to Junghwan “please drive safely”, I kept tearing up. I feel really sad when I look at Junghwan. He keeps his first love hidden for all throughout and it just ended. I wonder how would it be if the confession scene is treated like real confession. To be honest, Taek also isn’t really husband material, don’t you think, he only knows Baduk and also drinks medicine. Though I adore Bogumie, but Junghwan is my precious son, so I was more upset for him.

Did you give some advice to broken hearted Ryu Jun Yeol to comfort him?

Even after the confession scene, we (actors) thought that there might be twist, so we didn’t lose hope, but Junghwan already folded his feelings earlier. “I think this is the end”, he said while being very upset.  So I told to Junghwan, “However, R88’s bubble will burst soon, so don’t fall too deep and come move on quickly.” In real life too, I told him this kind of advice, though it is hurtful and upsetting, he should think about his next project, so it’s important to move on fast.

How did you feel when you heard about Ryu Jun Yeol and Ahn Jaehong are chosen to be your sons?

On my first meeting with the director he said to me, “You have two sons, but because they’re not handsome sons, just don’t expect too much.” So I jokingly replied to him, “if they’re not handsome and young actors, I won’t do this.” (laugh) But when I saw them for the first time I said, “they take after me”, that’s how much we look alike. It’s true that they’re not handsome but because they take after me, I can’t say anything. (laugh) Although they’re not handsome, yet the more you look at these two guys, they are very charming. When you fall for not-so-good-looking man, you have nothing to say. Many people has fallen for them and it might be hard to move on from them.

The most memorable scene?

Every scene is memorable, but the most memorable one is the passport scene where Miran doesn’t know how to read the (English) alphabet spelling. That time all the feelings I couldn’t think of all came up to me. And also, on first episode, when Junghwan goes straight to his room without say anything to Mom, because I have a son in real life so I was really upset.


[ FEB 3, 2016 ]
By Cho Hye Jin
TRANSLATED BY @ Kim Young Shin

“My ambition is not to be on the summit but to stay in the field long and wiry. I don’t want to stand out. It is my dream to melt in to any show.”

On January 29, Ra Mi Ran held a press conference at Diamond Hall of THE PLAZA HOTEL SEOUL in Sogong-dong, Seoul. Reporters gathered to interview her after the end of recent tvN drama ‘Reply 1988’. Ra was serious but delightful throughout the event.

Ra seemed deeply affectionate of the drama as she revealed the story behind her new nick name ‘Madam Cheetah’ and how she felt when Jung Hwan, her son in the drama, did not go well with his first love. She did not hesitate to put down her dignity to act as Mrs. Ra of Ssangmun-dong. She brought laughter in the hall by saying “I told the director that my image as an actress was drained and he said I don’t care“

She highly praised the script of the drama. “The script of ‘Reply 1988’ was very powerful. In the passport scene, it wrote ‘Sorry Son (awkward smile to express regret)’ I had to think about what kind of smile that was. There were a lot of scenes where it was supposed to be funny but ended up sad and vice versa.”

“I am loyal to the script. All that I did were what was written down but many thought that they were improvised. Well, it actually was when I slapped Kim Sung Kyun in the back (laughs). It was the 14th time for me to play ‘ajumma’ (a Korean word for married woman). It is nothing special, because I began my acting career after my marriage. However, I try to add a twist to the character because people seem to expect to see me as a talkative and rough ajumma.”

The story of the three families was a hot issue as much as who is Deok Sun’s husband among the four guys. When she was asked what makes ‘Reply 1988’ so special, she said, “Lately, there were not many dramas like this. It is lucky for an actor to encounter such a piece.”

She added, “Usually, families are the background of the major love story of a drama. I usually played a mother or an aunt who stayed as a marginal character. In ‘Reply 1988’ the families were under the spotlight. Each family was dealt in the episodes. I think there is rarely a drama that deals with family-centered stories. There are not many dramas you can enjoy lightheartedly but I think there should be more.”

She recently rose to stardom through her appearance in megahit movies such as ‘Ode to My Father’ and ‘Himalaya’ as well as in ‘Reply 1988’.  She said, “I’m bewildered about the flooding popularity, but I try to enjoy it.” To the question that when does she feel that she is a star, she answered honestly. “I feel that right now, hosting a press conference in a hotel. How could I do this if I wasn’t a star? I often walk around my town. I go to supermarket without wearing makeup. After featuring in the drama people call me ‘Jung Bong’s Mom’. I do look back in response too. Even seniors recognize me and call me ‘Madam Ra’ or ‘Madam Cheetah’ and show their interest. I am very grateful for that.”

“I cannot credit solely myself for the success of the drama. When a drama becomes a hit, it benefits all of the casts, not just me. That’s why I don’t see me as a superstar. I see it as a temporary thing. Also, fame does not matter because my goal is a long acting career. It’s my drama and I played in it because I liked it. It is not necessary to be swayed by it. Actress is a risky and insecure job. What really matters to me are to show more things, even in a small role, and to be helpful for the drama or the movie, not how much fame I win from it. It is burdensome to do so. I don’t think I will remain this famous for long. I aim to remain in the industry long and wiry.”

She was also asked if she was not tired after appearing in so many movies and dramas and performing as similar characters. She firmly said, “I feel happy that I can work hard. I had a longer period of absence than working period. I could work harder and it won’t satisfy my thirst for acting. I did think that viewers might get sick of seeing me so often, but I will continue to work vigorously. If I stop, I won’t be an actress anymore. It would be arrogant of me to think that I’m tired of acting. I will act until I run out of my ability.”

“I was a funny woman in ‘Reply 1988’ but in my next drama I am more of a composed person, so viewers might find that disappointing. I see it as pacing. I don’t want to overact to serve the expectations. I will act just as much as I need to in the drama. I have to look like the character, not Ra Mi Ran in a drama. I’ll have to work on how to make my similar characters look diversified.”

Ra Mi Ran, who would ‘act until she runs out of her ability’, revealed her ambition as an actress. “As I already said, I want to stay as an actress long and wiry. I don’t want to stand out. It is my dream to melt in to any show. I did not even think of being on the top. If I go up, I’ll have to come down someday and I don’t think I can bear that. If I can be a part of good drama or movie, it does not matter if I play a major character or not.” She was a born actress who focused on act itself, not on the role. Unlike her goal, her career cannot be seen wiry. She perfectly became an inseparable part of the show every time. What would be the reason for her to continue acting?

“Even if I played more than 10 ajumma characters, they were not the same. It is fun to live another person’s life. I get vicarious satisfaction through it. What could be more interesting than that? (laughs) If I get popular, that’s good. I earn money from it. I use my face and body to provide something fun to watch. I am thankful that you like me for that. That’s why actress is the perfect job for me.”

Every word she said delivered her sincerity in action. It is certain that Ra Mi Ran will keep present herself to the public whether it is in the small screen, the big screen or on a stage. She evaluated the year 2015 by saying “I thought I was hiding well, but I became a busy person thanks to the drama and movies. I think 2015 was a break time for me. The movies were all taken beforehand. I only took two dramas in 2015: ‘Rude Miss Young Ae’ and ‘Reply 1988’. My popularity suddenly just popped up.”

“I’ve got to take what’s popped up for me (laughs). I saw an article the other time that says that I should to take a break. Well, I’ll just try to hide well in dramas and movies so I go pass unseen from the viewers.”


[ FEB 10, 2016 ]
By Lee Seung Hyun
TRANSLATED BY @ Kim Young Shin

“I don’t think I became popular. Rather, I was just a part of an excellent drama.”

During the interview with bntnews, Choi Sung Won no longer had the characteristics of Sung No Eul from recent tvN drama ‘Reply 1988’. He was genuinely himself.

It wasn’t easy for him to say farewell with people who he spent half a year since last summer. He recalled the last moment with team ‘Reply 1988’ by saying “I cried a lot after filming the last episode.”

“It was when I was saying good bye to everyone. As soon as I hugged Sung Dong Il, tears flooded down from my eyes. I prepared for the drama since May 2015 and the shooting continued for seven months. Many thoughts sprang up in my head like ‘this is it’ or ‘is it really the end?’ It was hard to leave. It was sad to think that I would not be back in this studio again. It was the first time for me to take a drama for this long. I also regretted for the parts that I could have done better.”

Due to his busy schedule, he hardly had private times for himself. He made a benign smile when he said that he does not feel that he is popular.

“On my way here to the interview, I parked my car a bit far from here and walked but nobody recognized me (laughs). It was the drama that made a big hit and I wasn’t the reason for its popularity. I believe there will be less people who notice me when two or three months pass. If there is any rise in my popularity, it must be a temporary one from the success of ‘Reply 1988’”.

In 16 episodes out of 20, he played a high schooler with bushy hair. When the reporter said the maybe people did not notice him because of his different hair style and image, he answered, “Sung No Eul’s hair was actually a specially styled one from a hair salon in Apgujeong for two and a half hours. From the hair to a small accessory, everything was under the director’s supervision. Even the smallest detail was inspected by him. He said, “Actors are gaining weight (from comfort) and the director is dying (laughs).”

He displayed his faith in director Shin Won Ho when he said Shin “has extraordinary sensibility.” He continued, “He is generally a witty person. He is definitely aware of what the mass public likes. He is also a good actor.” As a matter of fact, the director demonstrated the attitude and tone of each characters in rehearsals as a guide.

“When actors were reading the script, he keenly detected each actor’s talents and specialties and made uses of them. He noticed that I had experiences in musical theaters when I got all excited when all the staffs went to karaoke. The scene when I took off my top was also created like that. A staff accidentally touched my abs and told the director I had muscles. He asked me to show it to him, so I did as I was told. Then he said, where could we use this useless thing (laughs)? Well, it was obvious that No Eul is unlikely to have six packs. However, the lightings director requested for a scene for me to reveal it and I eventually did. I don’t think director Shin really wanted it, though (laughs).”

The ‘Reply’ series became a gateway to stardom for actors, just like ‘Nonstop’ or ‘High Kick!’ series did. He recollected the memories from his audition. “It was different from common auditions. It was more like meetings.” At that time, he felt small and belittle because he failed from numerous other auditions. He said he did not even want to apply for ‘Reply 1988’ because he thought he would not make it.

“I think director saw me as No Eul, because I had such weak mind. Also, my eyes and brows are pointing down too (laughs). He asked me if I was generally a slow person. Well, my mother always scolded me for dawdling but I’m quick some times and slow the other times. So I told him ‘I think it is one of the days that I’m slow’. Next, he instructed me to read a line like a high school student. I was thinking, ‘why should I?’ but I did what he asked. On the next meeting, he gave me the script for the role of Sung No Eul. Maybe my eyes look dozy to him. He would laugh whenever he saw my eyes (laughs). He said, yes, we are doing it together. That’s how I got in.”

Choi’s role Sung No Eul was the only dispirited member of the family, which had members such as Sung Bo Ra, Sung Deok Sun, Sung Dong Il and Lee Il Hwa, all with solid personalities. Choi gave life to Sung No Eul’s subtle existence.

“No Eul was a buffer character for the family. At first, I thought that I should improvise some lines to make him stand out. However, that was against my personality and there were risks that I might overdo it. That’s why I didn’t. No Eul stayed as a quiet, pathetic, but relaxing character. He was a bumper between the family members that always had something to argue about.”

Choi Sung Won was actually a musical actor who appeared in many pieces such as ‘The Goddess is Watching’, ‘Finding Kim Jong Wook’ and ‘Oh! While You Were Sleeping’. There must be fans who would like to see him back on the stage. He expressed his unchanged passion on musical theaters by saying “I would like to be in at least one musical in 2016.”

“A year have passed since I left the musical stage and no one was looking for me (laughs). Strictly speaking, there are lots of talented actors who can fill up the stage with their presence. There are so many theater majors graduating college each year. I want to focus on my career in drama and movie and return to the stage when I’m bigger (laughs).”

He had special affections to his character Sung No Eul as he took the persona for more than half a year. Now that he finished playing the role, he said, “There must be so many charms that I did not discover in No Eul. I’m sorry for him to be played by an insufficient actor.”

“I think No Eul would have been a more shining character who receives lots of love from the fans if a more capable actor played him. However I did do my best (laughs). I want him to grow up healthy. He likes singing, so he may as well be a singer who can perform in front of others. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to see him again in ‘Reply’ series, but I wish I can. Because of No Eul, I felt so happy and I suffered a lot. He definitely made me feel lucky.”

“During my time playing in theaters, there was only one time that I shed tears. I put in as much endeavor as I could in ‘Reply 1988’. There were parts that I regret not doing better but I am thankful for all of people who cherished and loved me. I wish for warm support and care for my next role too, whatever it may be.”

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