Olympics kicked off the series.
It was only there for the first 2 episodes, which set up the story,
but the way the rings are set up can show the relationships between our group of five friends.
It also goes ‘Hand in hand’ with the COLOR THEORY. *wink*

Following the color theory:
BLUE is Junghwan
BLACK is Dongryong
RED is Sunwoo
YELLOW is Deoksun
GREEN is Taek

This layout has been seen subtly applied in some scenes:

The first 3 rings:
Junghwan, Dongryong and Sunwoo

These 3 boys go to the same school
and are in the same class.
They are with each other all the time, whether studying, soccer or making plans to do stuff.


Junghwan – Dongryong:
Goes to Dongryong often for advice regarding his family.
When he was in trouble at the beach, Dongryong calls Junghwan.
(Episode 10)


Junghwan – Sunwoo:
They hang out but they talk about schoolwork.
(Episode 7)


Junghwan – Deoksun:
He likes Deoksun but he keeps his feelings well hidden.
Bickering, cat-and-dog relationship since young.
He is always mean to her so when
he does something nice for her, it confuses her.


he cares for Taek and can’t hate him
even after knowing he also likes Deoksun.
He covers him with blanket, and ties his shoelaces.
However, their relationship is the most distant.

He didn’t know if Taek listens to music. (Episode 2)
He always felt Taek should have stayed in school. (Episode 3)
He can’t hug Taek. (Episode 6)
Junghwan always thought Taeks IQ is 99. (Episode 10)
Dongryong asks how Junghwan doesn’t know Taek
has most competitions in winter.
(Episode 11)

Dongryong is the center of the OT5.
He buys tickets for their movies,
concerts and organises outings.*
( there is usually one in every group,
so hug your Dongryong today! )

Dongryong was the one who stayed to see
what she needed at the class outing.
(Episode 3)
Similarly academically challenged,
he is her kindred spirit.
He teases her and calls her names,
but he always brings himself down
to her level. (Episode 12)
They are always singing and dancing together.
(Episodes 4, 6, 15)


Dongryong – Sunwoo:
Dongryong and SW are always at the study hall,
but one studies and one sleeps.
Dongryong was very upset that he didn’t know about Sunwoo and Bora.
(Episode 19)


he treats Taek affectionately like a kid brother.
Always wondering
‘How do people lose to you?’

Dongryong knows how much Taek earns in a year. (Episode 3)
He knows how to get Taek out of a funk. (Episode 4)
He knows Taek’s schedules,
even helps him pack for his trip. (Episode 6)

*Being the gang’s porn supplier,
Dongryong is responsible for Taek’s sex ed. (Episode 12)

Always nice to her:
‘I don’t think dancing is your thing.’ [Ep3] He corrects her patiently. [Ep4]


Always caring to him:
Puts his head on a dictionary when
Dongryong was asleep on the floor.
Always nags at him to study. (Episode 4)


Their bromance is evident.
There is always a strong bond between them.
They are the best pair to become step-brothers.

He knows Taek’s schedules.
Sunwoo knows Taek only listens to Deulgukhwa. (Episode 2)
He even recommends him other music.

He knows Taek can’t make ramyun so he volunteers to do it for the group. (Episode 3)

He respects Taek and tells the rest that he is ‘at another level’. (Episode 6)

He likes to cuddle with Taek because he is ‘nice and warm’.

Sunwoo knows Taek’s IQ is 139, like a sibling would. (Episode 10)

Sunwoo handfeeds Taek at their New Year meal. (Episode 11)

After Taek finds out about Sunwoo-Bora, Sunwoo talks to him about it. (Episode 12)

Sunwoo worries about Taek ‘surviving in this cruel world’. (Episode 12)

Taek discusses his concerns with Deoksun, updates him about his plans to confess. (Episodes 15,16)

He gets Taek’s lame jokes. (Episode 17)

He parks the car for Taek like a caring brother would. (Episode 18)

He listed their numbers and wrote instructions for the pager. (Episode 19)

The next 2 rings:
Deoksun and Taek

These two have the most comfortable relationship with each other.
Taek is quiet while Deoksun is boisterous, so they enjoy each other’s company.

Their skinship is so natural nobody else ever thinks much of it. (Episode 2, 10, 20)

Deoksun did not bother to know about Baduk at all. But she slowly learns more about it. (Episode 4, 6, 15, 19)

Deoksun knows Taek can’t eat alot, and what food he prefers. (Episodes 9, 19)

Taek is rich, but Deoksun never asks him to buy her anything. But she uses all his things without needing to ask. Treats him with his own money. (Episodes 7, 9, 10)

Deoksun teaches Taek to curse so that he can look tougher when people ask him for money. (Episode 12)

Deoksun knows how to get Taek to listen to her. (Episodes 13, 20)

Deoksun thinks she knows everything about Taek, but there is another side of him that she does not see.
She thinks all he thinks about is Baduk. (Episode 14)




The Black ring is the one that brings the Yellow and Green Rings together.

For that please look at THE DRAMA MVP.


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