We have had this working theory since we were watching Reply 1988.

Junghwan is Blue, Deoksun is Yellow, Taek is Green, Sunwoo is Red. I have come to the conclusion that Dongryong seems to be orange.
But wait, you say, in the Olympics Rings theory he is black! Don’t hate me, but Orange is the New Black. haha!

Still reading? Ok, now the drama has ended and we already know the ‘results’.
We don’t claim to have all the answers, or even if our theories are right.

Let’s work backwards, and we hope to be able to present to you a convincing article or at least a fun read!



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GREEN-YELLOW & RED-PURPLE : Foreshadowing device


( thanks jesse for pointing it out ! )

Deok Sun and Taek, Sunwoo and Bora are the main OTPs in this story.
Can we agree that Yellow and Green, Red and Purple ends up together?

Episode 3
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5

Episode 11

Episode 14

Episode 15

Episode 18
Episode 12

Episode 2
Episode 3

Episode 4
Episode 6

Episode 9

Episode 12
Ep 3

Of all the colors, blue is only used in the big banner above.
The text right behind the MC are the OTP colors.


Ep 6

In Ep 6, Deoksun likes Sunwoo, who likes Bora.
Taek is shown to get closer to Deoksun.

Episode 12
There is a yellow bird with green wings on the book shelf.
Read about the doll theories here.

Previous Reply Me Posters seem to support this theory too, that hubby is green, and main female lead is yellow.

REPLY 1997

The birthday voucher given to Yoon jae was green.


REPLY 1997

Official Soundtrack covers. Yoonjae is holding a yellow and green pager, and Siwan has similar colored mini-pompoms.


REPLY 1994

The Official Poster and the TVN-inside-joke with Green envelope for Jung Woo’s in YOF Iceland.


Thanks pixiemoondust!


RED-GREEN-YELLOW : Foreshadowing device

These 3 colors have been seen repeating throughout the drama, in all kinds of places and situations.


Yellow = Sungs
Green = Chois
Red = Sunwoo’s family


these 3 colors can stand for foreshadowing the 3 families that became 1. ( cr: mangachickava )

Episode 1
Episode 4
Episode 4

Episode 15

Episode 2
Episode 4
Episode 6
Episode 16
Episode 2
Episode 4
Episode 7

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