“What we wanted to pass on to our audience was the story of family.
I took comfort in the fact that a few people would tell me,
‘I enjoyed your story telling about family.’ ”
~ Shin Won Ho, Reply 1988 PD, March 25, Cable TV Employment Talk Concert
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There is a reason why Reply 1988 is the highest rated drama out of the three dramas from the Reply franchise.
At the moment its even the highest rated drama for TVN.
It has touched so many of different ages, nationalities or races, even across cultures,
because it focused on the thing most people can relate to: family.


Everyone needs a friend.
Seeing the different types of friendships present in this drama, really warms hearts.
Wait how warm does our hearts get from watching this? Someone keep note of the temperature please, I want warmed hearts, not cooked ones….

The good old days where we still had tightly knitted communities.
This drama calls back to the nostalgic times where different families are close to one another, and makes our hearts yearn for that time.

The infuriating 1% in the grand scheme of things that somehow caught the bulk of the attention of many fans.
I guess everyone likes a good romance.
We get to see different kinds of romance, from courtship from older couple, to giddy young love.
This Reply 1988’s husband-hunt actually created shipping wars of such epic proportions, in different forums all over the world.
However, that is another topic for another time.


“Coming of age”… The things we all learn as we grow older.
What it does it mean to be a teen?
The lack of understanding about life?
That fiery passion we feel about things?


What makes a person successful? How do we measure it?
We love that Lee woo jung explores the different ways one can attain success,
in this current stifling paper-chasing world we all currently live in.


” Ït’s ok to lose.”

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