( Coincidence? When we saw the light (on), Yellow light + Blue ( signboard) became Green and so the sign now became Yellow, Green and Red )


Choi appa’s clocks and jewelry store. He was supposedly rich even before he moved to Seoul.

The funniest thing was, we never saw anyone buy anything. The only time that an outsider of the community ever appeared in that store, was when Taek’s fanclub president – the reporter came to do an interview with Choi appa regarding Taek.

It seemed that Taek’s father ran the store, simply to pass the time. Choi appa occasionally baby-sat there and also gave friendly counselling to Sunwoo, like the good neighbor he was.

The time 4:33 was seen repeated in many of his clocks as well.

Strangely enough, there was two telephones in the small shop. One was fully green on the counter, and the other was a wall phone -white with a dark green edge. There was also a special white heart-shaped clock that may have foreshadowed his own love story.

The store was connected to the main Choi House through the inner door, and the children passed through the store often to find out about Taek before heading into his room.

There is a very interesting point shared about the Korean culture of hanging a type of dried fish above the door as a way to ward off bad things.(When a shop opens or a new company is launched, a shamanic ritual is held to pray for success with an offering of bugeo. When the ceremony is finished, the fish is sometimes placed above the door, serving a totemic purpose)

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