That elusive thing. What is it? Where does it come from? When does it begin? How far will you go?
Those are the burning questions most drama viewers are interested in.

Love is defined as a strong feeling of affection.

There are different types of love that is shown in this drama. Between husbands and wives, old friends, young friends.
Let’s take a quick look at how we love differently at different points of our lives.

( The love stories between Taek & Deoksun, Sunwoo & Bora will be more detailed so we will update once ready.)


The sneak glances. The staring. The fear of getting caught.
Tracking where she is at all times until you almost seem like you are stalking.
Sunwoo and Junghwan’s love story started in a similar way.
Both began as one-sided love, how did it progress differently?


One same move. Different results.

One girl was touched, while the other was confused.

How each guy begun wooing the lady with same methods show that ultimately, the starting point is the most important.

That key moment? The moment of confession.

One guy made his intentions very clear, while the other coolly strolled away.



Do it yourself. Let her see how sincere you are. Don’t let another person do it for you.

Finally. It’s also timing.

Don’t wait around too long.
Complications may occur.

Sunwoo was rewarded with his pursuit, and graduated to RAINBOW LOVE ( coming soon ).


Love at first sight. Destiny.

Objections and obstacles by family.

Finding it again in the most unlikely of places.

The heart-pounding first love letter.

The near-miss first-date due to a communication break-down.

The sweet first-kiss.

Get insider-info about her likes and dislikes from her best friend.

Always compliment her and tell her she is pretty.

Love lost and found in the unlikeliness of places.

Jungbong and Mi-ok’s storybook love.

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