The Kims had settled into being rich in a very comfortable fashion. Their home was one of the most lavishly decorated houses in Ssangmundong alley. With large chandeliers, pretty lace curtains, and filled with decorative ornaments such as elephants and peacocks, owls and Chinese Ink paintings featuring Koi as well as mountain ranges.

Their large hall was an area where the other families gathered to celebrate events.

The large kitchen was tiled with pretty blue patterned tiles and has electronic gadgets such as ovens and rice cookers.

The master bedroom had beautiful wardrobes and drawers with ornate carvings. Miran’s dressing table was filled with expensive facial products. Their bathroom was also one of the best ones that we got to see.


We see a similar fish hung above the door, as well as a bokjori ( ladie-shaped strainer of blessings ).

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