Please read their brilliant and detailed reviews which covered all the different aspects of relationships and characters of this wonderful drama.

“Answer Me 1988 feels like a larger, bigger-hearted story than its predecessors, thanks to expanding its focus to its community of characters, rather than simply fixating on the leading lady’s husband and the lovelines that feed into it.
The adult characters get as much narrative care and attention as their kids, and that helps to make this drama world feel altogether pretty balanced and whole. The entire cast is endearing and committed, and – despite a touch of green in spots with the delivery – exponentially add to Show’s generous earthy winsomeness.

It’s true that the handling of the ending is flawed, but overall, I still found this show to be charming, slice-of-life retro at its best.”


“Each family brought different emotions that touched the deepest corners of my heart. Once again, The Reply series reminded me the importance of family, the importance of our parents!! We always read that as we add years into our own life, we forget our parents are getting older too. We sometimes forget the value of hard work our parents went through to help us get to where we are now. The tribute of Jung Hwan and Deok Sun to their parents is so sweet, to say the least. It’s a great reminder that we should be grateful to our parents and they deserve our love more than what they have given us. That kind of love is still the best love we can give because we are honouring the most important people in our life.
What an amazing display of love! That alone still makes me a satisfied viewer of this franchise.

couch kimchi

“On the whole, Answer Me 1988 was a beautiful, nostalgic, slice-of-life show. While I admit that the production team could have edited some of the scenes more efficiently (less isn’t always more), I mostly didn’t mind the narrative’s leisurely pace or the focus on the mundane.

Instead of the absurd amnesia plot devices, what really drove this series was its heart. Yes, there was a love triangle (and oh boy, I’ll get to that in a minute), but really, this series was more about the individual trials of every member of the neighborhood than it was about the puppy love blossoming with the three “main” leads.

I love how, more than any other Answer Me installment, this series was about community, and the adults all had their own lives and trajectories. I often had a hard time choosing a favorite character or storyline. (Cheetah Ahjumma vs. the Bear falling in love? Don’t make me choose!) The neighborhood came to life, and the way I resonated with the various narrative threads really made me feel invested in the series.”


Answer Me 1988 is the third installment of the Answer Me franchise produced by tvN, and to my surprise, turns out to be the best written. I still remember cringing at the thought of 80’s fashion, and how ugly they were, or how I would have allergies seeing it. Little did I know it brings back so much nostalgia from that era, and the simplicity of life back then became the ultimate winner for the storyline.

Everyone contributed to this drama with their best, and left the viewers with loving and lasting impression. It is hard to say goodbye, and I sort of wish this show would go on a little while longer, because there are still so many stories the writer can tell us about them. The journey of Answer Me 1988 characters has not ended because we have reached the finale episode, for them, it was the beginning of a new chapter…”

~ eukybearlovesdrama

“I do have to say that Reply 1988 is my ideal Reply series in terms of subject matter. I complained, especially on the previous Reply 1994, that they were too caught up in the husband mystery that every other character were swept to the sidelines. Oddly enough, it was kind of the opposite with 1988, which has its ups and downsides. I’ll discuss that later on. But first. Family. This is the biggest source of stories for the series. We were introduced to not only the main group of friends, but also their families…”

~ we eat lemon

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