Hor_Polaroid_Timeline01Taek moves into Ssangmun-dong

Taek breaks his right arm, Deok Sun gives him a piggyback ride

Deok Sun wrestles Taek, gives him 5 stitches on his forehead

Deok Sun’s friends told her that Sun woo likes her She begins to crush on him when he looks for her often

Sun woo comes over to borrow white-out…
Deok sun narrates later that her first love has begun…

The OT5 shuttles side dishes all night long…

Deok sun gives up her fried egg to make her mum feel better…

Deok sun practices in her hanbok with her Madagascar stand…
Jung hwan and Sun woo both told her she looks like a ghost

Madagascar has withdrawn from the Olympics.
DS has an outburst on Bora’s birthday when she found her parents
didn’t listen to her wish to have a seperate celebration for her 18th birthday.

Also Sun woo’s dad’s memorial day.

Deok sun’s birthday + Sun woo’s birthday + Olympics Opening Ceremony

Deok Sun teases Taek to drink more milk and grow up to marry her.
She bites Sun woo after they told Taek to get them alcohol from China.
She asks Taek what he wants for his birthday present.

Deok sun’s grandma passes away…

Taek wins the Baduk Tournament in China

TK and DS dad talk about missing their mums + Taek’s 18th Birthday + Bora reads DS’s diary about her chocolate entry

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