An amazing cast has been gathered together, to create this gem of a drama.
Thanks to the combined power of PD Shin Won Ho and Writer Lee Woo Jung, many stars have been created with Reply 1988!

HyeriHyeri 혜리
Birthday: June 9 1994
Part of: Girl’s Day
Agency: Dream Tea Entertainment

Instagram: @hyeri_0609
Twitter: @Girls_Day_Hyeri
Weibo: 我是李惠利

Park Bo Gum 박보검
Birthday: June 16 1993
Height: 182cm
Weight : 65kg
Blood Type: O
Agency: Blossom Entertainment

Twitter: @BOGUMMY
Weibo: 朴寶劍_ParkBoGum


Go Kyung Pyo 고경표
Birthday: June 11 1990
Height: 184cm
Weight : 70kg
Agency: CL & Company

Instagram: @kopular , @cln_company
Fansite: FY Go Kyung Pyo
Fan IG: kokyungpyodotcom
Official Fan Cafe: @naver


Ryu Hye-young 류혜영

Birthday: March 28 1991
Agency: CJES Entertainment

Instagram: @ryuniverse328
Facebook: cjeshyeyoung
Weibo: 刘慧英_Official
Fan twitter: @Intl_ryuniverse


Lee Dong Hwi 이동휘
Birthday: July 22 1985
Height: 179cm
Weight : 68kg
Agency: Sim Entertainment

Instagram: @dlehdgnl
FanIG : @donghwisarang

Ryu Jun Yeol 류준열
Birthday: September 26 1986
Height: 183cm
Weight : 70kg
Blood Type: A
Agency: Cjes Entertainment

Instagram: @ryusdb
Facebook: @cjesyunyeol

Sung Dong-il 성동일
Birthday: April 27 1964
Height: 173cm
Weight : 78kg
Blood Type: A
Agency: Star Entertainment

Instagram : #Sung Dong-il


Lee Il Hwa 이일화
Birthday: January 3 1971
Height: 165cm
Weight : 43kg
Agency: Di Planet Entertainment

 Instagram : #Lee Il Hwa

Choi Sung Won 최성원
Birthday: January 17 1985

  Instagram : #Choi Sung Won


Kim Sung Kyoon 김성균
Birthday: May 25 1980
Height: 178cm
Weight : 78kg
Agency: Fantagio

Twitter: @ggubun
Facebook: ft.kimsungkyun


Ra Mi Ran 라미란
Birthday: March 6 1975
Height: 162cm
Weight : 53kg
Agency: C-JeS Entertainment

Facebook: cjesmiran


Ahn Jae Hong 안재홍

Birthday: March 31 1986
Agency: CL & Company

 Instagram : @aahnjaehong, @cln_company

Kim Sun Young 김선영
Birthday: April 10 1976
Height: 167cm
Agency: Jellyfish Entertainment

Instagram : #Kim Sun Young


Kim Seul 김설

Instagram: @kimseol


Choi Moo Sung 최무성
Birthday: 1968
Height: 182cm
Agency: MI Entertainment (엠아이엔터테인먼트)

Instagram : #Choi Moo Sung


Yoo Jae Myung 유재명
Birthday: June 3 1973
Height: 183cm
Agency: SBD Entertainment (샛별당엔터테인먼트)

Instagram : #Yoo Jae Myung


Lee Min Ji 이민지
Birthday : November 01 1988
Height : 163cm
Agency : Yooborn Company

Instagram: @minminji


Lee Se Young 이세영
Birthday: April 28 1989

Instagram : @leeseyoung


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