Birthday : March 5, 1971
2nd son in the family
Nickname: Gae Jungpal ( ‘dog’) 

He grumbles and complains a lot, and it will take a lot of convincing for him to finally say yes. However, he is a top student and enjoys his free time studying and playing football. He is just as reserved when interacting with his family, refusing to trouble his parents with his own problems.


Birthday: January 28, 1971
Fifth son in the family
Nickname: Doryongnyong (“Salamander”)
Ssangmundong’s Park Namjung

The neighborhood counselor, Dongryong has two talents going for him: dancing and a mouth to talk a mile a minute. He’s embraced that he has no hope in academia, but what does it matter when his friends look up to him as a wise sage during times of need. He’s a huge jokester with a bowel problem, but at the end of the day, he knows exactly what to say and just wants to come home to a bowl of his mother’s seaweed soup.


Birthday : Sep 17, 1971
Eldest son in the family

Caring, thoughtful and dependable, Sun woo is considered as the ideal son of the neighborhood ahjummas: He is the class president, straight A student, and a great Oppa to Jinjoo. Since the death of his father, he took on  the responsibility of being the man of the house at 16 by spending as much time possible with Jinjoo and caring for his mom.

SUNG DEOK SUN Birthday : Sep 17, 1971
2nd daughter in the family
Nickname: Special Unit, Dooly

Beloved Deoksun is everyone’s trusted gal. Bright and cheerful, you can rely on her caring nature. She’s well-earned her nickname “Special Unit” (acronym for ‘head especially bad at studying’), ranked at 999th place.

She puts her best into everything she does, from being an Olympics picket girl to finding her true love. Unfortunately she often feels overlooked as the middle child in the family and just wants someone to treasure her.


Birthday : October 8, 1971
Baduk Pro Player, aka Choi Taek 6dan
Only child
Nickname: Taekkie, Heedong-ie

Quiet but tenacious Taek-ie is known as Master Choi, baduk God, to the world; but he is simply as an idiot in Ssangmundong.
Whether he’s at baduk club or at home in his room, the black and white stones are all he can see. It’s up to his friends to frequent his room and edge him out of his turtle shell.

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