The Script

by Meliere

Some people may argue about this, but for many of us, Lee Woo Jung’s script for Reply 1988 is the best out of the 3 Reply Franchise.

The characterizations, the individual storylines, character development, Baduk. All of these have made Reply 1988 into a “National drama” well received by families. From the friends we have gained from interacting through this drama, Reply 88 even transcends race and culture. At the heart of it all, its because its all down to the simple relatable theme: Family.

The hardest thing to do, is tell a story within a fixed amount of time. After Episode 20 was over, all of us felt to different degrees, a sense of incompleteness.

For Taek and Deoksun shippers like us, we wondered: What is Taek and Deoksun’s wedding like? How was their first child? How were they being parents? All these would have made the story feel more complete to us. But there was not enough time. And maybe the writer felt, it was not needed. We saw this couple still happily married after 19 years. How many dramas OTPs ever got that kind of payoff?

For Junghwan supporters: What happened to him? Did he die? ( Some people wondered but fortunately the photo book that was with the official OST says in 2016, Junghwan is still very much alive.) For everyone’s favourite MVP, Dongryong. Even the wonderful parents, we wondered hard. But we did not get a complete resolution.

But that is the beauty of this script. It echoed the real emotions we feel in our lives, maybe compounded it. It touched us, moved us to tears, made us laugh, let us cheer.

Did it make you more aware of the family and friends around you? To want to cherish them more?

Did you feel keen regret? Because you saw moments that had passed you by. That will no longer come again?

For the people who felt the script had been abruptly changed, do take the time and see wonderful analysis done by some of our forum members. Lee woo jung worked on this script for two years with love. Nothing in this production had been left to chance.

Script Structure

The Script Structure: 2-4-4-4-4-2

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