by shooastrid & aoikarin

Lee woo jung is a very fair writer.

Since the beginning, for this husband hunt, any scene she gave to Taek, she almost always gave to Jung hwan as well. How did the boys come out from each scene? Let’s find out!

EP 4 Junghwan protects Deoksun from being jostled in the crowded bus.

EP 10 Taek protects Deoksun from being hit by the volleyball.

Who won? Deoksun seems pleased both scenarios.

EP 4 Deoksun could not help~ing Junghwan with his cramp. She did not attempt to touch his foot.
( In Korean a cramp sounds the same as mouse “jwi”,that’s why Deoksun pretended to be a cat.)

EP 8 Deoksun throws out the mice that Taek and his dad are afraid to clear.

Taek won. Hey Deoksun helped him with his ‘jwi’ problem!

EP 7 Junghwan ruffles Deoksun’s hair to her annoyance.

EP 8 Taek strokes Deoksun’s hair and she beams widely.

Taek won. Look at that happy smile! It became their ‘thing’ since Taek still pats her head even when they are 23.

EP 7 Deoksun dreads calling Junghwan when he yells at her like she expected him to.

EP 7 Deoksun chats happily on the phone with Taek.

Taek wins.

EP 7 Deoksun stops Junghwan from leaving the room with his porn book.

EP 12 Taek tries to stop Deoksun from leaving the room with the porn tape.

Deoksun won. Nobody wrestle with this girl please!

EP 9 Junghwan tries to protect Deoksun from snatch thieves.

EP 12 Taek tries to protect Deoksun from flashers.

Both ended up scaring her badly.
However, Taek wins this round because Deoksun goes to the ladies with a peace of mind after he told her he will wait for her. Junghwan just bid her good night and she was none the wiser.

EP 9 Deoksun walks over reluctantly at the urging of others. She was still miffed and unsmiling. She had to take a big step to move closer to Junghwan. Their photo has a BLUE overlay.

EP 9 Deoksun smiles shyly and walks over to Taek. They even have a short cute exchange. Taek pulls Deoksun closer to him. Their photo has a YELLOW overlay.

Taek wins for taking a pretty photo with two smiling people.

EP 9 Junghwan’s mean charity of braised ribs that his mum bought.

EP 10 Taek loves that Deoksun is enjoying the sirloin he is buying.

Taek wins because a generous man is the better man.

EP 9 Junghwan refused to let Deoksun have his jacket. “Why should I?” is his downfall.

EP 18 Taek knows Deoksun is feeling cold, and offered his jacket even though she lied that she wasn’t cold. ♥

Taek wins. Obviously. (*Ep 15 Junghwan was given a second chance to offer her his jacket. But all he could do was hold it.)

EP 10 Deoksun was not very keen on the idea of dating Junghwan at all. She says as much to her BFFs.

EP 10 Deoksun knew the guys would poke fun at her, yet she said so sincerely to Taek that she would be lucky to be responsible for him.

Taek wins. Look at that look she gave him!

EP 11 Deoksun wakes up and asks Junghwan to go to the concert with her.

EP 17 Both of them wake up and end up in a dreamy kiss.

If the girl sleep-talks and goes back to sleep, you are pretty much out. Taek wins since Deoksun actually clasped his hand before he swooped in. Oh, did I say they kissed? !!!

EP 12 DS falls asleep and her head rests on JH when bus starts to move.

EP 12 Taek rests his head on Deoksun purposefully…

Taek wins for being proactive in skinship.

EP 13 Junghwan grudgingly gives Deoksun a hand as she limps with her ‘bad’ ankle.

EP 17 After offering to give her a piggyback ride, Taek upgrades it to a full princess carry.

Taek wins. He basically swept Deoksun off her feet!


Honorary mentions:

Both guys had a misunderstanding related to PINK.
Junghwan’s pink shirt and Deoksun’s pink mittens.
But Taek got his cleared up that very night, and Junghwan only cleared his 5 years later.




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