cr: translated from Chinese trans by Jesse
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Shin Won Ho PD gave a talk about Reply 1988 on July 14.

Here are some excerpts from the trans:

Shin PD said that he wanted to convey the theme to the audience:
” The charms of kind and honest men.”
Thus Choi Taek and Sunwoo became the husbands.

Another point was to break the “Tsundere” drama trope.
Through the husband hunt this time around, he also want to warn the men who tend to shout and yell (in a relationship), and tell them
“Look here, you will be doomed if you are like this!”

Actually, every Reply me series has multiple endings like Plan A, Plan B and Plan C. Obviously Plan A is the ideal one. If it cannot be accepted by the majority, they will also consider Plan B or C, that’s how the ending is usually decided. This is not unique to Reply 88 but also the previous series that came before it.

Of course Choi Taek being the husband was always the plan from the beginning. Even though initially during the drama, the audience was swayed towards one side, but gradually, they still shifted over to Choi Taek’s side, hence the ending was decided to follow the original Plan A.  ”



Our thoughts:
After the inital backlash that was faced by especially the writer Lee Woo Jung, we are grateful that the production team stuck to their ideals and faced the criticism that followed by choosing their original ending in order to be true to their storytelling. They dared to go against the very vocal netizens who were not shy about making their displeasure about the direction of the drama known. Perhaps at the time, the media was also more likely to focus on the negative comments as it was more newsworthy, hence giving an unbalanced view of the general feedback of the drama. The ratings for Reply 1988 had remained high towards the very end.

We look forward to future installments to the Reply series! Now we can only hope that someone will sell the 88 Bluray set since the second pre-order was sold out within an hour. Shin Pd, would you want to gift us a set please? We will watch it well!

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