160606 Shin Won Ho PD was one of the guest speakers at the 22nd Shanghai TV Festival.


Thank you @snorants for translating this WeChat article that is relevant to Reply1988!

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Please note that we are unable to credit the writer who is a reporter at the Shanghai TV Festival, who is also a Reply fan and was unable to include her entire interview into her original news article.
Thus she made this fun piece on her own weChat page. You may choose to doubt the authenticity of this, but the writer replied to concerned fans with this message. So please just enjoy this QnA!
Disclaimer: some meaning might be lost as this is a Korean to Chinese to English translation. I have also problems finding all the photos used in the original weChat. Please go to original post for them.

Deoksun chose Taek in the end, is it because there are changes in the later part of the script?

Contrary to normal drama productions, we have a team of writers working together on this drama. Every writer can express their views and I will choose ideas from different writers.

Having ten people with IQ of 130 is smarter than having just one person with IQ of 200.

However, no matter how many people there are working on the script, before we start filming, we will fix the main storyline. This is the direction that is approved by everyone, during filming, nothing is to interfere with the development of the main story. So, right from the beginning, we have already decided that Deoksun will end up together with Taek eventually.

Then, why were there many interactions between Junghwan and Deoksun in the beginning, making people think that they will be together?

Our original intention, is to use Deoksun’s change in feelings, to reflect the process of how she grows from a little girl, to a mature woman.

In the drama, Dongryong has a line that is very important, he told Deoksun, “you have to think which one do you like?”

Deoksun started from liking Sunwoo, to finally realising that the one she likes is Taek in the end, this is a part of the process of growing up.

Someone told me, during the scene when Junghwan saw Deoksun on TV as the Olympics picket girl, Junghwan smiled. That person felt that from then on, Junghwan began to like Deoksun. Actually, at that phase, we only wanted to express family love as well as neighborhood love between the families.

Reaction from the viewers is unpredictable, this also made us realise that in future, we need to work harder in perfecting characterisation. The reason people think that way, perhaps it’s because Junghwan has his own charms. (laughs)


There are many plot setups for guessing of the husband in the drama, is this deliberate to mislead the viewers?

We absolutely do not have that intention (mislead viewers) in mind.
In fact, Taek and Junghwan’s role position and screen time are almost similar, both characters are equally important.
It does not mean that whoever Deoksun choose in the end is the main lead.

As for showing Junghwan’s feelings, this is because we want to depict the unrequited love that many people once experienced when they were young.
There might be some females who dislike this, and feel sad for Junghwan. Maybe guys like Junghwan are more popular nowadays: one who does not really take care of girls on the surface, but has his inner charms; and with a bad-guy vibe/look.

To have Deoksun choosing Taek in the end, is because we want to show the charms of nice guys like Taek and Sunwoo.


The actors/actresses picked for the “Reply” series all have a high resemblance to their characters, what criteria do you have for choosing actors/actresses?

When I choose actors/actresses, I look out for their personality and team spirit. I get them to come for audition, to find out more about their real personality.

I will ask: What is your dating style? What kind of a son are you in your mother’s eyes?

After learning their true personality, I will be able to find the right actor that best matches the characteristics of the role. Then, based on the actor’s characteristics, for example their pet phrases, I will use these to polish/refine their role. In this way, he will not be really acting, but more like a habit, and (performance) will become natural. I will also look out for team spirit, as team work is very important during our drama filming.

When will the next installment for “Reply” series be?

Are there Korean reporters here? (haha)

Personally, I think that I will not be filming this series for the time being. This is because Reply 1988 has very high popularity and I am worried that the viewers will be disappointed with the sequel.

I think that maybe in two years’ time, when viewers have more or less forgotten, then I’ll film one again.


You moved from a variety PD to a drama PD, what does this mean to you? Are you heading towards drama production in your future plans?

I think that I am still a variety PD. However, after filming a drama, I realise that the treatment is totally different.

Drama PDs are “real” PDs; and people seems to think that variety PDs are inferior to drama PDs. Also, everyone refers to dramas as “works”, but no one uses that term for variety shows.

However, variety shows are actually harder, even harder than dramas. This is because drama PDs has full control, but in variety shows, you only have a basic framework and any situation can happen.

Anyway, I hope that in future if someone mentions me, I will be a person who likes, and is capable, of telling interesting stories. This is my goal.

Few days ago you received the Best Director award at the Baeksang Awards, but in your acceptance speech you said that you thought that you failed/messed up. What does this mean?

I was referring to our thoughts during the initial phase when we decided to film Reply 1988.

During 1988, I was also just a junior high student. I was worried that the younger viewers will find the story old-fashioned, and it may be difficult for them to accept the story.

In the end, we decided that we have to film it, because at that time, Korea experienced the Sewol Ferry disaster, youth employment problems, lack of social interaction between people.

I hope that after watching this drama, everyone can recall/bring back memories of the wonderful human warmth.

There are many directors coming to China now, will you come?

Naturally, I would like more viewers to appreciate and love my works. I also know that China is a very big market, if given the chance, I am willing to come to China.

However, in Korea there are some people in the industry, who are coming to China with the mentality of doing business, I do not have that in mind.

Currently, I would still like to focus on working in Korea, if there is a right opportunity, I will definitely come to China.

A fun anecdote:
When the reporter approached Shin PD for an autograph ( which can be seen on her post ), she was too excited and said “Sorry” in Japanese. She panicked and her heart almost stopped.
Shin PD smiled and replied “It’s OK” in Japanese.

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