Congratulations Shin PD nim!

Even though many of us were disappointed that Lee Woo Jung did not manage to win for best script, and Reply 1988 lost to a very worthy Signal for Best Drama… But we all know who won huge in 2016 at cable ratings and the love of audiences worldwide!

cr: this JTBC video below is from Naver – we had to reupload here because the embedded link failed to work.

( Thank you @snorants for the quick translations!
Disclaimer: This trans is only meant to serve as a guide to what he said. Please do not take his words out of context. )

0:54 : Thank you… I thought (the drama) will fail.
It’s already the third installment and many people are worried, we started the production with the mindset that it might fail.

01:22 : Everyone is now producing those edgy, cool, splendid dramas…
but we thought it’ll be good to do a drama that’s down-to-earth, slice-of-life and heartwarming.

01:42 : Actually we really…really didn’t expect to receive so much love.

01:51 : Perhaps people more or less needs some of these comfort. We will continue to produce works that can give people comfort from their stressful life…

02:18 : To give me this award, I am a little overwhelmed, I didn’t do anything. I am accepting this award on behalf of the R88 team – the specialised technical team, the writers and all the actors…

02:44 : Since I’m here, I would like to take this chance to express thanks to my partner and friend, writer Lee Woo Jung.

02:58 : …I can’t go home often for long periods of time, to my family members who is like someone without a husband, and children without a father… I love you all…

03:12 : Lastly, wish that Noeul will get well fast so that he can see him singing at KTV again. Thank you.


Shin Won Ho PD has remained humble after winning numerous awards as well as help many actors and actresses rise to stardom with his tvN Reply series.

We beg to differ when he said that he didn’t do much because without the guidance of a patient, meticulous man to lead a production, there is no way it can succeed.

Shin Pd has proven that time and again with his team, he has been able to cast the right actors and actresses for the drama’s roles, to inject life into the characters, and bring across the storytelling in a beautiful way.

Don’t take our word for it! Look at some of the BTS clips where Shin PD goes the extra mile and coaches his actors on what to do to be funnier in a scene or even subtly make them do things without them suspecting it is for some deeper purpose that will only become clear later on in the drama…( like the special lasso dance for Taek )

Even teasing your actors so that the mood on the set is more fun… In one BTS, Shin PD teases Park Bogum at one script reading session that “Today you didn’t cry huh…”…that made all the others start on him but made the session so much livelier.

Or in some cases, know when to step back and leave your actors alone to do their own thing!

We look forward to future projects of Shin PD and his talented team!

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